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Edited by John Norton Moore and Robert F. Turner, 1995
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Table of Contents

Foreword and Preface

Contemporary International Law: Relevant to Today's World?
Horace B. Robertson, Jr.

Misconceptions of Law and Misguided Policy
Alfred P. Rubin

Rules of Thumb for Gut Decisions: International Law in Emergencies
Alfred P. Rubin

Sea Power and the Law of the Sea: The Need for a Contextual Approach
George K. Walker

Law of the Sea
Elliot L. Richardson

Law and Conflict at Sea
Lieutenant Roger D. Wiegley

Regionalism and the Law of the Sea: The Persian Gulf Perspective
Charles G. MacDonald

Law and Strategy in Northern Waters
Ken Booth

The Marine Environment and the Maritime Security in Southeast Asia: Controlling Oil Tanekr Traffic in the Strait of Malacca
Daniel P. Finn

The Cordon Sanitaire - Is It Useful? Is It Practical?
Lieutenant Commander Stanley F. Gilchrist

Marine Technoloy Transfer and the Law of the Sea
Lieutenant Commander James Stavridis

Law of the Sea - What Now?
Jon L. Jacobson

A Framework for Small Navy Theory: The 1982 U.N. Law of the Sea Convention
Nien-Tsu Alfred Hu and James K. Oliver

The Right of Innocent Passage for Warships in the Territorial Sea: A Response to the Soviet Union
Lieutenant Commander Ronald D. Neubauer

Troubled Waters off the Land of the Morning Calm: A Job for the Fleet
Lieutenant Commander James R. Boma

America's Maritime Boundary With the Soviet Union
John H. McNeill

The Kuriles: Passage or Obstruction to Regional Peace?
Lieutenant Commander Rex M. Takahashi

Diplomacy at Sea: U.S. Freedom of Navigation Operations in the Black Sea
William J. Aceves

The "New" Law of the Sea and The Law of Armed Conflict at Sea
Horace B. Robertson, Jr.

Fighting by the Rules
Commander Christopher Craig

Grenada: The Spirit of the Letter of the Law
Captain William T. DeCamp

International Law and the Use of Force in Peacetime: Do U.S. Ships Have to Take the First Hit?
George Bunn

An Appropriate Use of Force
James H. Webb, Jr.

The Constitution and Presidential War Making Against Libya
Lieutenant David L. Hall

Law in Support of Policy in Panama
Colonel James P. Terry

Reflections on Terrorist Havens
Robert A. Friedlander

Combating International Terrorism: The United Nations Developments
L. F. E. Goldie

Terrorism is...?
Major William R. Farrell

Military Involvement in Domestic Terror Incidents
Major William R. Farrell

Terrorists and Chemical/Biological Weapons
Elliot Hurwitz

Offshore Maritime Terrorism: International Implications and the Legal Response
Christopher C. Joyner

Responding to Terrorism: What, Why, and When?
Lieutenant Colonel William R. Farrell

An Appraisal of Lawful Military Response to State-Sponsored Terrorism
Lieutenant Colonel James P. Terry

The 1977 Protocols to the Geneva Convention of 1949
Major W. Hays Parks

Rules of Engagement
Captain J. Ashley Roach

False Colors and Dummy Ships: The Use of Ruse in Naval Warfare
Lieutenant Commander Mary T. Hall

The Coming Explosion of Silent Weapons
Commander Stephen Rose

Neutrality and International Order
Count Wilhelm Wachtmeister

Piracy in the Air
James S. G. Turner

The Environment and the Laws of War: The Impact of Desert Storm
Colonel James P. Terry

The Obligation to Accept Surrender
RADM Horace B. Robertson, Jr.

Reassessing the Security Alliance Between the United States and Japan
Lieutenant Roger D. Wiegley

Greeks Bearing Gifts: Impact of the INF Treaty on European Security
Commander Graham Rhys-Jones

Military-to-Military Arrangements for the Prevention of U.S.-Russian Conflict
John H. McNeill