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Edited by Richard B. Lillich and John Norton Moore, 1980
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements and Introduction

International Law and the Use of Force
Shabtai Rosenne

International Law, the OAS, and the Dominican Crisis
Charles G. Fenwick

U.S. Navy Regulations, International Law, and the Organization of American States
Theodore K. Woods

Defining Aggression - United States Policy
Rodney V. Hansen

Some Perspectives on Revolution
Thomas B. Grassey

Collective Intervention and the Law of the Charter
William O. Miller

Legal Aspects of Counterinsurgency
J. F. Hogg

Intervention and Detente ini American Foreign Policy
Robert S. Wood

Forcible Self-Help Under International Law
Richard B. Lillich

Forcible Self-Help in International Law
James J. McHugh

Law of Naval Warfare
William O. Miller

Blockade: Evolution and Expectation
James F. McNulty

Pacific Blockade: A Lost Opportunity of the 1930's
Walter R. Thomas

Combat Restraints
Howard S. Levie

The Law of War
Richard R. Baxter

The Geneva Conventions of 1949
Richard R. Baxter

The Law of War
Robert W. Tucker

Rules Governing the Conduct of Hostilities - The Laws of War and Their Enforcement
Gerald I. A. D. Draper

Law of Naval Warfare
William O. Miller

Mine Warfare and International Law
Howard S. Levie

The Laws of Air Warfare: Are There Any?
Hamilton DeSaussure

Prisoner and War Negotiations: The Korean Experience and Lesson
Harry P. Ball

Prisoners of War As Instruments of Foreign Policy
Walton K. Richardson

Prisoners of War and the Code of Conduct
William P. Lyons

Motivational Factors of American Prisoners of War Held by the Democratic Republic of Vietnam
Robert J. Naughton

Experiences as a POW in Vietnam
James B. Stockdale

Yamashita, Nuremberg, and Vietnam: Command Responsibility Reappraised
Franklin A. Hart

The Position of Individuals in International Law
Herbert W. Briggs

Military Justice: A Reinforcer of Discipline
Robert S. Poydasheff

The Objectives of Arms Control
James A. Barber, Jr.

Soviet-American Arms Negotiations - 1960-68: A Prelude for Salt
Eric W. Hayden

What's Left of Salt?
Richard T. Ackley

The Submarine and the Washington Conference of 1921
Lawrence H. Douglas

The National Executive and the Use of the Armed Forces Abroad
John N. Moore

Presidential Control of Nuclear Weapons in Limited War Situations
Hugh F. Lynch

Destroyers for the Naval Bases: Highlights of an Unprecedented Trade
William H. Langenberg

Nuclear Terrorism and the Escalation of International Conflict
Forrest R. Frank

International Law and Basic Human Rights
Rita E. Hauser

International Law and Basic Human Rights
Louis B. Sohn

Asylum Denied: The Vigilant Incident
Clyde R. Mann

Legal Aspects of the Refusal of Asylum By U.S. Coast Guard on 23 November 1970
Louis F.E. Goldie

Myres S. McDougal

Jurisdictional Immunities
William C. McAuliffe, Jr.

The International Law of the Armed Forces Abroad
Gordon B. Baldwin

Status of Armed Forces Abroad
Wilfred A. Hearn

The Status of Armed Forces Abroad
Robert C. Grabb

Recognition of States and Governments
Brunson MacChesney

The Individual and International Law
Alona E. Evans

The United Nations and Oceania: New Dimensions in the Cold War Refrain
William O. Miller

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