Edited by Richard B. Lillich and John Norton Moore, 1980
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Vol. 61 | Table of Contents

Introduction to Volume I
John Norton Moore

Introduction to International Law
R.R. Baxter

An Introduction to the Role of Law in the World Community
W.T. Mallison Jr.

The Role of International Law in the World Community
John H. Spencer

What is International Law?
James F. Hogg

Internaitonal Law and the World Community
Louis F.E. Goldie

Legal Foundations of International Relations
Manley O. Hudson

Soviet Interpretation and Application of International Law
Olliver J. Lissitzyn

The Soviet View of International Law
O.J. Lissitzyn

The Soviet View on International Law
Leon S. Lipson

Recent Trends of International Law
Nicholas deB. Katzenbach

New Trends in International Law: The Challenges of the Ecological Age
Richard A. Falk

Political Factors in the Formulation of Strategy
Harold D. Lasswell

Political Factors in the Formulation of National Strategy
Harold D. Lasswell

The Nature of the Nation-State System
David D. Warren

Aspects of International Law Affecting the Naval Commander
Geoffrey E. Carlisle

Introduction to International Law as it Pertains to the Naval Officer
Wilfred A. Hearn

The Law of the High Seas in Time of Peace
Myres S. McDougal

The Law of the Sea Conference: Issues in Current Negotiations
Lewis M. Alexander

The Possible Effects on Maritime Operations of any Future Convention of the Law of the Sea
Edward Ashmore

International Law of the Sea A Review of States' Offshore Claims and Competences
L.F.E. Goldie

An Inter-American Approach to the Law of the Sea?
Charles L. Cochran

Freedom of the Seas
Ephraim P. Holmes

New Issues and New Interest in the Law of the Sea
Joseph B. McDevitt

Current Internaitonal Law Problems of the Navy
Joseph B. McDevitt

Marine Mineral Resources: National Security and National Jurisdiction
Robert A. Frosch

A Maritime Survey for 1970; Seamen, Fishermen, Prospectors: Who Will Win the Oceans?
John D. Hayes

Towards a New Order of U.S. Maritime Policy
Geoffrey Kemp and Harlan K. Ullman

Special Aspects of Jurisdiction at Sea
Wilfred A. Hearn

Philip C. Jessup

Special Aspects of Jurisdiction at Sea
Brunson MacChesney

Archipelago Concept of Limits of Territorial Seas
John R. Brock

What Is Innocent Passage?
Peter B. Walker

Oil and Gas in the Oceans
Herman T. Franssen

Strategic Implications of Continental Shelves
Jose A. Alvarez

Ocean Fisheries: National Instrument for International Stability
John T. Robison

Our Navigable Waters--Pollutted and Otherwise
Charles W. Koburger Jr.

A Legal Regime for the Resources of the Seabed and Subsoil of the Deep Sea: A Brewing Problem
Horace B. Robertson Jr.

Emerging Legal Problems of the Deep Seas and Polar Regions
Richard B. Bilder

International Control of Deep Sea Mineral Resources
Wayne J. Smith

The Deep Sea Resources
John D. Lewis

Authority to use Force on the High Seas
Myres S. McDougal

Electronic Reconnaissance from the High Seas and International Law
Oliver J. Lissitzyn

The Seabed Arms Control Issue 1967 - 1971 A Superpower Symbiosis?
James A. Barry Jr.

Changing Naval Operations and Military Intervention
Michael MccGwire

The Sovet Navy and Ocean Law
Mark W. Janis

The People's Republic of China and the Law of the Sea: Caracas 1974 and Geneva 1975
Herman Zivetz

Saudi Arabia and the Law of the Sea
James P. Piscatori

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