Issue: 2013 - Winter

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USS Yorktown (CV 5) in Dry Dock No. 1 at the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard on 29 May 1942. On this celebrated occasion at least the most vital repairs of damage received in the battle of the Coral Sea were completed in forty-eight hours to allow the ship to leave the next day to participate in the battle of Midway. There the ship was to be disabled by air attack on 4 June and sunk on 7 June, while under tow, by a Japanese submarine. Thereafter, the U.S. Navy carrier doctrine in the Pacific was to be transformed and matured in the course of a remarkable process traced by Thomas C. Hone in this issue.
Official U.S. Navy Photograph, U.S. National Archives collection. Courtesy National Archives, photo no. 80-G-13065.

Design by Arthur Lamoureux of the Naval War College Visual Communications Department. 

Volume 66, Number 1

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