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Orbis terrae compendiosa descriptio,a double-hemisphere projection first published in 1569 by the famous Flemish cartographer Gerhardus Mercator 1512–94, famous for the eponymous global projection widely used today for, especially, nautical charts. This version was engraved by his son Rumold (1545–99) and issued in 1587.
The map is one thirty rare maps of similarly high technical and aesthetic value exhibited in “Envisioning the World: The Earliest Printed Maps, 1472 to 1700.” The exhibit, organized by the Sonoma County Museum in Santa Rosa, California, is drawn from the collection of Henry and Holly Wendt. It is now on display at the Naval War College Museum, where it can be seen until 30 November 2011. For further information, visit the Envision the World website.
The image is reproduced by the kind permission of the Sonoma County Museum and with the assistance of the Naval War College Museum.

Volume 65, Number 1

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