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As the “Navy’s Home of Thought,” U.S. Naval War College (NWC) produces a variety of news reports, research publications, books, and journals, including the Naval War College Review. Whether you’re a scholar, military leader, government professional, or an independent researcher, we hope you’ll find the wide array of ideas, analysis, and opinions available at NWC useful and inspiring.

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U.S. Naval War College Collections

Our institutional repository provides a variety of reports, publications, books and journals to assist scholars, military researchers, and government professionals. Journals showcase original research and highlight in-depth thinking for the naval profession of the United States.

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Newport Papers, NWC Review, and More

Naval War College Press

From our editorial offices in Sims Hall comes the quarterly Naval War College Review, as well as a wide selection of books that bring the Navy’s history and latest theory to life.

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Books on a shelf at U.S. Naval War College
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Faculty Publications

U.S. Naval War College faculty members publish their learned opinions on diverse topics and time periods in various media outlets including academic journals, online publications, scholarly texts, and popular editions.

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