Ordinarily, book reviews are specifically requested from, and review copies are provided to, reviewers with whose work we are already familiar. If you would like to become one of our reviewers, prepare (according to the guidelines below) a review of a book you already own that you believe we might choose to review (please write, call, fax, or e-mail the book review editor to verify your selection), and submit it to:

Book Review Editor
Code 322
Naval War College
686 Cushing Road
Newport, RI 02841-1207

BOOK REVIEWS: Naval War College Review
Reviews should answer the following questions:
•What type of book is it--biography, memoir, history, etc.?
•Briefly, what does the book say?
•How authoritative is the book? What are the author's credentials?
•What are the book's special attractions, flaws, or other features?
•What is the book's value to the national security community?
Submissions must be submitted electronically, in a format editable in Word; they should be double or triple-spaced. A heading with pertinent information about the book should be included with the text. For example:
Draper, Mildred, ed. Eric the Great. Univ. Park: Pennsylvania State Univ. Press, 1993. 1,100pp. $95
The requested length of each review is an upper limit based on the anticipated space available (usually between 600 and 800 words). The Naval War College Press staff will edit, and, if necessary, shorten the text as required by house style and other factors. Our standard authorities, aside from house style, are the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition, and Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 11th edition.
Please provide a 25-50 word biographical summary to include current title and affiliation, education, recent publications and/or professional highlights, and military rank (if applicable).
If you would like to discuss the matter further, please contact Tim Demy, book review editor, by e-mail at timothy.demy@usnwc.edu, or Bradley Carter, assistant book review editor, at bradley.carter@usnwc.edu. Telephone 401.841.2236, fax 401.841.1071.
(It is the policy of the Naval War College Review that in submitting a book review [solicited or unsolicited] the reviewer warrants that it is original, that it is the reviewer's property, and that it has neither been published nor submitted for publication elsewhere).

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