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by Jan S. Breemer The thirty-sixth of our Newport Paper series is now available-on our website and for sale online by the Government Printing Office. In it Dr. Breemer recounts and assesses the British response to the World War I German submarine threat, a story that holds important lessons for the U.S. Navy today. The Royal Navy's refusal to consider seriously the option of convoying merchant vessels demonstrates the extent to which professional military cultures can thwart technical and operational innovation even in circumstances of existential threat.

From readers:
“The paper is a fascinating case study on the inner workings of government . . . and having been there, it is the same today as in WW I and WW II.”
“Dr. Breemer is an astute historian and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a sequel in the Newport Paper series moving on from WW I to WW II and critiquing Admiral King and the inept response of the USN to the U-boat threat at the beginning of US participation in WW II.”

"I read the latest NWC Newport Paper by Jan Breemer and loved it. Of things I know about he is accurate. Of the many things I didn't know, he is enriching." Captain Wayne Hughes, USN, author of Fleet Tactics.

"The point made in this paper is that despite the real experience of the U-boat in wartime conditions, the Royal Navy’s leadership found it impossible to break with its established mindset. It took the courageous action of junior officers to push for ‘new’ solutions. Professor Breemer makes his point well." Christopher Martin, University of Hull, in Military History (October 2011)

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