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Public Affairs Office

U.S. Naval War College News

Walter Berbrick, associate professor, U.S. Naval War College’s (NWC) Wargaming Department, gives a keynote address during the Newport Arctic Scholars Initiative (NASI) held at NWC’s Mahan Reading Room.
Oct. 19, 2018
Jeanette Steele, U.S. Naval War College Public Affairs

As a warming climate melts Arctic ice, new territory is being created and so is competition for the now-accessible resources, causing an emerging issue for the United States and other world leaders.

Fleet News

MU2 Edward Reid renders "Taps," honoring the fallen Sailors of USS Intrepid as part of the 75th Anniversary of the Commissioning of the ship.
Sep. 25, 2018
Lieutenant Joel Borrelli-Boudreau/Musician Third Class April Griffin

There are historic moments that are so symbolic, that the Chief of Naval Operations will task a U.S. Navy Band to honor the event by providing solemn and ceremonial music.

Research, Wargaming, and Tech News

Michael Marx, senior civil-military coordination advisor, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, provides remarks during the Civilian-Military Humanitarian Response Workshop held at U.S. Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.
Oct. 04, 2018
U.S. Naval War College Public Affairs

For the past two years, U.S. Naval War College (NWC) experts, along with experts from around the world, advised and contributed on the United Nations' recently released best-practices guidelines for civil-military coordination in conflicts and disasters.

Faculty, Staff, and Student News

James B. Stockdale II speaks to a group
Oct. 05, 2018
Jeanette Steele, U.S. Naval War College Public Affairs

When people at the U.S. Naval War College talk about ethics, they talk about James Stockdale, who led American prisoner-of-war resistance at the “Hanoi Hilton” during the Vietnam War.