A convenient collection of back issues of the Naval War College’s scholarly and policy
journal, the Naval War College Review. Founded in late 1949 as the Naval War College
Information Service for Officers to give midgrade officers of the Navy and Marine Corps
educational benefits available to resident students, the journal was renamed in 1952.
Until 1954 the journal was classified “Restricted”; all issues are now declassified, and
today the Naval War College Review circulates worldwide in print and on the Internet.
A few issues that could not be scanned are omitted from this collection, but photo-
copies of their articles can be obtained from the editorial offices, at (401) 841-2236
or press@nwc.navy.mil.
Reproduction and reprinting are subject to the Copyright Act of 1976 and applicable
treaties of the United States. To obtain permission to reproduce material bearing a
copyright notice, or to reproduce any material for commercial purposes, contact the
editor for each use. Material not bearing a copyright notice may be freely reproduced
for academic or other noncommercial use; however, it is requested that the author and
Naval War College Review be credited and that the editor be informed.
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