U.S. Naval War College Regional Alumni Symposia are co-hosted by the President of the Naval War College and a partner navy in the region. Participation is open to all graduates of the college, both international and U.S. 
Symposia are academic conferences premised on the belief that military education is not solely the product of a schoolhouse, but rather a lifelong attempt to acquire knowledge about the profession of arms. Symposia include keynote speeches by prominent military leaders and faculty-led panels addressing strategic, operational, and technical issues of relevance to the region.  All participants are invited to exchange insights and perspectives in a comfortable, not-for-attribution environment.
Symposia also foster professional interaction among up-and-coming military leaders in the region. Although most graduates remain in close contact with their classmates after graduation, and the college publishes regular alumni newsletters and professional journals like the Naval War College Review, symposia allow graduates to take advantage of the “Newport Connection” across many classes. This network promotes professional linkages among military officers at a crucial juncture in their careers when international contacts prove invaluable. World events continue to confirm the value of working with partners and friends.  Trust can’t be surged. 
1)   Yokosuka, Japan – October 2005 (Asia/Pacific Region)
2)   Naples, Italy – April 2006 (European Region)
3)   Valparaiso, Chile – March 2007 (Latin American Region)
4)   Manāma, Bahrain – October 2008 (Middle East Region)
5)   Singapore – April 2009 (Asia/Pacific Region)
6)   Cartagena, Colombia – April 2010 (Latin American Region)
7)   Stuttgart, Germany – April 2011 (African Region)
8)   Toulon, France – September 2011 (European Region)
9)   Abu Dhabi, UAE – December 2012 (Middle East Region)
10) Manila, Philippines – May 2014 (Asia/Pacific Region)
11) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – May 2015 (South/Central America & Caribbean Regions)
12) Newport, Rhode Island – August 2015 (African Region)

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