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Jeff Bacon
Creator/Author of "Broadside" and "Greenside" Cartoons 
Jeff Bacon’s first Navy Times cartoon was published in March 1986.  By the end of that year, the panel was titled “Broadside” and has appeared weekly ever since.  In 2006, his Marine-oriented cartoon “Greenside” began its run in Marine Corps Times.
His art has been printed in numerous government publications, professional papers, and a lot of cubicles around the world.  His cartoons have been displayed at the Navy Art Gallery and the Navy Memorial in Washington, D.C., and have been published in three books:  The Best of Broadside, Book II: the Rest of Broadside, and 20 Years of Broadside.  He donates artwork to various military and non-profit groups throughout the year, and has been a featured speaker for numerous commands and organizations around the world.
A member of the National Cartoonists Society, he has been active in the “Support the Troops” initiative, arranging visits by professional cartoonists to active duty and VA hospitals – and more recently trips to draw for troops on the front lines – in order to give back to those who served.  As a result of that effort, in 2009 he was presented with the “Silver T-Square Award” by the National Cartoonists Society for outstanding service to the profession.
He was named a Distinguished Graduate by the Naval Postgraduate School in 2006 (because of the cartoons, not the grades), and was honored in 2008 with a Special Recognition Award by the Surface Navy Association.
He is currently the Executive Director of the Wyakin Warrior Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides education, mentoring, training, networking and job placement to severely wounded and injured veterans. He lives in Idaho with his wife, and best friend, Rebecca, daughter Nicholle, and a dog named Angel. 

Mr. Jeff Bacon's presentation, "Toons, Roots & Troops: The Art of Leadership," was the College's academic year 2011-2012 Contemporary Civilization Lecture sponsored by the Naval War College Foundation through the generosity of Drs. Daniel and Susan Thys in honor of LT Michael P. Murphy, Medal of Honor recipient. 

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