United States Naval War College
Newport, Rhode Island
June 17-18, 2014

This year marks the 65th annual Current Strategy Forum (CSF) at the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.  The first CSF was held on May 9, 1949 under the title “Round Table Talks.”  This event offered an opportunity for the nation’s public servants, scholars, and senior military officers to join the College faculty and students to discuss the future strategy of the United States.  Over the years, CSF has expanded to include a cross section of America’s civilian and military leadership to encourage a wide-ranging debate on national and international security.  This year, participants will meet to examine the theme:

American Grand Strategy and Sea Power:
Challenges and Choices

The United States entered the 21st Century as the world’s most influential and powerful nation, both in economic and military power.  This leading position rested on a dynamic economy and command of the maritime commons.  The world has seen dramatic change in the first fourteen years of the new millennia; however, the U.S. now faces security challenges different than those of the recent past.  These challenges pose troubling problems for American decision makers in managing change in the global system.  Also troubling is the question of whether the American economy can support an agile force that will keep pace with the changing international security environment.  

Now is the time for fresh thinking about overall policy and strategy.  It is necessary to challenge our assumptions, deeply ingrained from our past experience, and undertake a strategic assessment of the future.  We need a better understanding of trends in the global economy, the geopolitical landscape, and in new technologies that pose potential challenges in the years ahead for the United States.  We need to understand the role sea power will play in achieving our country’s future objectives and explore what the implications may be for the Navy and nation.  To face the critical choices ahead of us, the country needs a strategy to guide its actions.

The 65th CSF will explore the following critical issues affecting our nation’s future security and wellbeing:

»   American Grand Strategy

»   Economics and National Security

»   National Military Strategy and Maritime Strategy

»   Technology Update and the Implications for the Future of Warfare

»   Roles and Missions of U.S. Naval Forces

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