This year marks the 64th annual Current Strategy Forum (CSF). The first CSF held on May 9, 1949 under the title “Round Table Talks,” offered an opportunity for the nation’s public servants, scholars, and senior military officers to join the College faculty and students to discuss the future strategy of the United States. Over the decades, the forum has expanded to include a cross section of America’s civilian and military leadership to encourage a wide-ranging debate on national and international security.   This year’s theme:

“American Grand Strategy:
Power and Purpose in the 21st Century"

The first decade of the 21st century provided a glimpse into new trends in the geopolitical landscape, global economic conditions, and the security challenges facing the United States and our partners around the world.

This year’s forum will seek to capture new thinking and challenge the conventional wisdom regarding America’s purpose in the world, seeking to understand our nation’s grand strategy going forward into the 21st century and the role and missions for our maritime forces.

The 64th Current Strategy Forum will explore the following critical issues affecting our nation’s future security and well-being:

  • American Grand Strategy - Intended versus Realized Strategic Outcomes
  • Global Economic Outlook and Its Impact on the International Security Environment
  • National Military Strategy - Sustaining Global Leadership in an Age of Fiscal Austerity
  • Technology - Update and Impact on the Future of Warfare
  • Implications for the Roles and Missions of U.S. Naval Forces    
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