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The 20th International Seapower Symposium (ISS-20) was held at the
U.S. Naval War College
from October 18-21, 2011, with the theme:
 "Security and Prosperity through Maritime Partnerships"
Three panel discussions focused on how maritime security prevents disruptions that adversely impact national, regional, and global prosperity:
        • "Global Perspective: Challenges to Maritime Security"
        • "Beyond MDA: Building Responsive Partnerships"
        • "Maritime Security: Evolving Demands, Adaptive Partnerships."
Beginning with a common understanding of the most pervasive challenges, ISS-20 exposed attendees to the dependency of maritime security on both national and international partnerships. Discussions throughout the symposium emphasized that a sense of urgency is required to complete ongoing Maritime Domain Awareness initiatives; to develop effective, coordinated response capabilities; and to adapt both to keep pace with changes in the maritime domain so as to prevent disruptions that adversely impact global prosperity.