Course Prerequisite:  To establish a baseline for professional discussion, students must complete a Professional Military Education online course prior to beginning the Distance Learning portion of the course.  See "Prerequisite" link on the SEA Home Page for more information.

Important note: Personnel reporting to the Academy must meet minimum U.S. Navy Physical Readiness Program standards as described in OPNAVINST 6110.1, (series). During In-Residence check-in, the staff will conduct a Body Composition Assessment (BCA). The Academy will disenroll all students who fail to meet the Navy's minimum body composition.  Please see "SEA In-Residence Info" link on the SEA Home Page for more detail.

Beginning in FY-18, the SEA Course  is comprised of 7-weeks Distance Learning (DL) followed by 3-weeks of in-residence education in Newport, RI. There is one non-academic week between the two phases, making the course 11-weeks from start to finish

Students will gain access to their course in Blackboard on the Wednesday prior to the Class start date.  During the DL phase students read, write papers, and interact with instructors and each other via the Blackboard Learning Management System.  Students can expect approximately 8 to 10 hours of academic work each week during the 7-week DL phase.  All students must attend the DL phase and In-Residence phase consecutivelyThe two phases cannot be split up

Each SEA class is divided into small groups to allow a free exchange of ideas, share professional experiences, debate issues, foster self-confidence, and promote team building. This course is academically challenging with quizzes, a cumulative final exam, four essay-type papers, four oral presentations, and a Capstone group project. The curriculum addresses communication skills, leadership, organizational behavior, national and international studies, and physical fitness. In this course you can anticipate extensive reading, writing, self-study, and public speaking.

Integration:  SELRES specific classes have been discontinued.  The SEA only offers this one format for all students.  SELRES are now fully integrated into all SEA classes.  For SELRES who cannot complete the full 3-weeks in-residence, the SEA offers two classes each year where attending SELRES will graduate at the 2-week point in-residence.  The curriculum is the same but the in-residence schedule is compressed (i.e., longer class hours per day and weekend classes).  See the Schedule link on the SEA home page for further detail.

Funding:  The SEA funds Active Duty/FTS NAVY students to attend the SEA in a TAD/TDY status.  For SELRES students, standard Reserve Force order writing and funding applies.  Specific NROWS and DTS guidance will be provided at the start of the distance learning period.

For all others (e.g., Navy PCS students, Partner Service students, and International Partners), please seek funding through your normal channels. 

See "Student Travel FAQs" for specifics on what is covered by the SEA. 

Physical Conditioning:  Physical fitness is closely woven into the In-Resident schedule and encourages the students to maintain a healthy life style. 


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