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The unique educational experience of the Senior Enlisted Academy prepares senior enlisted leaders to fulfill their expanded leadership and management responsibilities in advanced professional military settings.

The class is divided into small seminar groups to allow a free exchange of ideas, share professional experiences, debate problem solving issues, and fostering self-confidence and team building. This course is academically challenging with quizzes, cumulative exams, four essay-type papers, and five oral presentations. The curriculum addresses the following areas: Communication skills, Leadership, Organizational Behavior, National & International Studies, and Brilliant on the Basics. In this course you can anticipate extensive reading, writing, self-study, and public speaking.

Seminars and Lectures

Facilitated seminars in both Distance Learning and in-residence phases is the primary method of curriculum delivery.  Additionally, the in-residence phase includes stage lectures featuring subject matter experts from the Naval War College, Naval Justice School, Naval Personnel Command, and local colleges and universities enhance various blocks of instruction.
Beyond formal educational opportunities, the Academy provides other activities to broaden the students' experience.  Among these are a welcome aboard social, a book discussion selected by the student from the CNO's Reading List (or Service equivalent), and a formal graduation ceremony. These events allow each student to become more familiar with the formal traditions of Navy life, heritage, and social protocol.

Course Prerequisite

To establish a baseline for professional discussion, students must complete a Professional Military Education online course prior to arrival.  See "SEA Mandatory Prerequisite" link on the SEA Home Page for more information.

Physical Conditioning

Physical fitness is closely woven into the curriculum and encourages the students to maintain a healthy life style. In addition to a moderately strenuous exercise program, which develops strength and endurance, we also include a lesson on nutrition.

Important note: Personnel reporting to the Academy must meet minimum U.S. Navy Physical Readiness Program standards as described in OPNAVINST 6110.1, (series). During SEA check-in on the first day, the staff will conduct a Body Composition Assessment (BCA). The Academy will disenroll all students who fail to meet the Navy's minimum body composition.  Please see "SEA In-Residence Info" for more detail. 

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