In 1956, International Programs were created thanks to the vision of Admiral Arleigh A. Burke. Admiral Burke sought to enhance mutual trust, confidence and cooperation among friends and partners by creating a course for international officers.

“In the Navy, when an old Sailor looks back, he finds that the majority of his friends are other naval officers, from his own country and other  countries. People he relies on, people he trusts absolutely, people he likes, and has fun with…whom he knows and respects and admires and above all, men he can trust,” said Burke.

This was the genesis of the Naval Command College.
In 1972, the Naval Staff College (NSC), initially a six month course for mid-grade officers, was added to the program.

In 2004-2005, the College established the full year NSC course, designed to integrate mid-grade international officers with their U.S. officer counterparts. NWC now conducts both a one year and a six-month (January-June) NSC course.  
A total of 129 nations have sent their finest officers to study at Newport. After retirement, many go on to further prominence as ambassadors, cabinet ministers, businessmen and heads of state. NWC remains in touch with alumni via personal contacts, regional symposia and newsletters.

International Programs Alumni Statistics (as of July 2011)
  Alumni   Flag officers Chiefs of Navy   Current Chiefs of Navy
NCC  1905 942 209 12
NSC  2027 329 122 19


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