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Course Description:

Joint Force Maritime Component Commander and Combined Force Maritime Component Commander are the third courses in a series of three Professional Military Education courses. The Navy's JFMCC/CFMCC Flag courses are executive level PME/JPME for U.S. (JFMCC) and International (CFMCC) flag and general officers designed to prepare them for theater-level combat leadership and broad perspective of operational and strategic levels of war. The College runs two or three annually with JFMCC courses normally done in Newport and the CFMCC courses within a specific area of responsibility.

Course Objectives:

  1. Prepare flag officers to serve effectively as joint maritime component commanders;
  2. Provide flag officers with necessary perspectives to gain a high degree of confidence with concepts, systems, language, and processes required to effectively employ naval forces in a joint, interagency, and multinational environment;
  3. Address the practical challenges confronting the commander at the operational level of war in the maritime domain;
  4. Improve the ability of graduates to articulate the role of the joint maritime component in the design of a campaign plan to achieve the effects desired by the Joint Forces Commander.