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The Challenges of Irregular Warfare
& Armed Groups
on Land and At Sea

NOTE: Participation / Registration is By Invitation Only

From June 22-25th, more than 50 academics and practitioners knowledgeable about irregular warfare and armed groups will meet at the Naval War College, Newport, RI to discuss how to bring cutting edge research and operational lessons into the PME/JPME classrooms. The invitational symposium will focus on cultivating domestic and international perspectives and advancing interdisciplinary research on irregular warfare and armed groups. The meeting will also promote curriculum development that will have a lasting impact on the way we analyze and address the national and international security challenges posed by armed groups and irregular warfare across a range of environments.

Our attendees include flag officers, noted U.S. and international experts and civilian scholars, members from DOS, DOJ, DEA, the Intelligence Community, Special Operation Forces, and faculty from NDU, the Air Force, Army, and Naval War Colleges, the USMC, Coast Guard, and numerous PME institutions, schools, and academies representing every branch of the US military.

Key panels include:

  • Piracy and Instability in the Horn of Africa: The Role of Naval Forces
  • Irregular Warfare in the Philippines: Assessing “With, By, Through”
  • Armed Groups in Colombia: Strategies and Counter-Strategies
  • Economics and Irregular Warfare in the Maritime Environment
  • Strategic Communications Roundtable: The Propaganda of the Deed
  • Diplomatic, Economic, Policy and Strategic Perspectives on IW
  • Afghanistan in 2010: Interaction, Reassessment, and Strategic Adaptation

Contact Information:

The symposium is directed by Dr. Andrea Dew and Dr. Marc Genest, professors in the Strategy and Policy Department at the Naval War College and Co-Directors of the Center on Irregular Warfare and Armed Groups (CIWAG), and CAPT Thomas Sass, a professor in the Joint Military Operations Department, SOF Chair, and Deputy Director of CIWAG. or ,

About CIWAG: The 2010 Symposium on The Challenges of Irregular Warfare & Armed Groups on Land and at Sea is sponsored by the Naval War College’s Center on Irregular Warfare & Armed Groups (CIWAG).

The core mission of CIWAG is to promote and support research and teaching on irregular warfare and armed groups. As part of its research and outreach activities, CIWAG holds conferences and workshops that bring civilian scholars together with military faculty and practitioners to analyze the national and international strategic and operational security challenges posed by armed groups and irregular warfare.
CIWAG was created to ensure that education on irregular warfare and armed groups remains timely and easily accessible to military officers and their interagency counterparts who devise strategies for dealing with armed groups in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world.

CIWAG activities directly support Defense Directive 3000.07 (Dec 2008) in improving DOD proficiency at IW, explicitly integrating concepts and capabilities relevant to IW into DOD activities, and maintaining and sustaining IW capabilities and capacity. CIWAG activities also support the core missions of the US Naval War College: education, research, and
analysis to support the US Navy and to help the US Navy define its future roles and missions.

CIWAG fosters interaction, collaboration and inter agency coordination across professional military educational institutions throughout the country and with US allies.