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The Decision Support Center is a state-of-the-art research tool designed to support the key group activities for collaborative research.  The DSC contains a stand-alone local area network for the 38 laptops in the room in addition to an expanded network via the Game-Net infrastructure throughout McCarty Little Hall. These laptops primarily operate with Web-IQ software, although they can be configured with other approved software applications.
The powerful, collaborative WebIQ software helps to optimize the exploration of problems, regardless of its complexity or ambiguity. It provides the means to manage a wide divergence of perspectives, experiences, thinking patterns, and expertise – in fact, the more the better. Additionally, the software expands the number of SMEs contributing in the process, which not only increases buy-in of the developed solutions or courses of action, but also mitigates the problem of good ideas walking out the door at the conclusion of an event.
The DSC’s technology makes all participants peers.  Every input is included, every idea is displayed, every vote is given equal weight.  Everyone is able to bring his or her unique expertise to bear on a complex topic.  In this room you will be able to engage in a rapid-fire exchange of information and perspectives without filters.
Within the DSC the configuration contains: 
  • 38 laptops and two virtual servers for UNCLAS and NOFORN WebIQ events
  • Seven independent displays – three rear screen projectors and four LCD flat screens. 
  • Located within the control room there are three NIPRnet, one SIPRnet, and three GameNet workstations, each of which can be displayed independently. 
  • Interpretation booth capable of two simultaneous language translations up to the secret level
  • DVD players/recorders in the control room to record events, if desired. 
  • Five cameras mounted in the room for both event recording and VTCs. 
  • Network and audio connections with DCO button 2 capable.
The DSC is available for use by Department of Defense, the Department of the Navy and other government agencies with the approval of the President, Naval War College. For more information, please call 401-841-1839.