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Directions for completing the questionnaire:
The questions below address your perceptions, opinions, feelings, and overall assessment of the effectiveness of the read-ahead material, course delivery material, instruction, and scenario content. Each item is rated on a 5-point scale. Higher numbers indicate a more positive response. The non-applicable (N/A) selection is available if you decide not to respond or feel the question is not applicable.
Questionnaire Objective (two parts):
Part I: As part of pre-training preparation, this survey questionnaire aims to assess training audience opinions, attitudes and overall perception of the usefulness of the read-ahead material to prepare them to perform critical planning functions during a (TAV) training event.
Part II: During the (TAV) training event, feedback is desired regarding the material, documents, templates, instructor guidance, briefs and discussions that were applicable during the planning event. Potential outcomes of this survey will be: leave content intact, modify, add to, or delete content based on participants’ feedback.





E. Have you previously participated in a staff planning event (actual operation or training/exercise):


F. Select the steps of the planning process that were covered during this (TAV) training.:

G. Completing this survey will require approximately 5-10 minutes of your time. 

Survey Questions:

1.  How helpful was the “read-ahead” material posted on the Naval War College AAT INTERNET Website ( in preparing you for this training event?:


2.   To what degree do you feel the training you received was representative (Rep) of the type of staff functions you will be required:


3.   How effective do you feel the overall instruction was in guiding you through planning activities during this training?:


4.  How effective do you feel the scenario materials/products were in enabling you to develop a good plan?:


5.  To what extent do you feel the scenario materials challenged you to brainstorm creative ways to devise a good plan?:

6.  To what extent do you feel the scenario materials/products increased your understanding about planning?:


 To what extent were you provided opportunities to collaborate with team members and effectively contribute planning?:


8.  To what degree do you feel the pace and structure of the training prepared you to effectively plan?:


9.  Do you feel this training event had value to prepare you to implement the step(s) of the Navy Planning Process covered during the (TAV) training?:


10. Overall, how would you describe the training you have received during this Tailored Assist Visit (TAV)?:

Thank you for participating in this survey.