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Quota Information

Course capacity: 25 Quotas per class.
Active Duty personnel planning to attend MSOC enroute to their next command should contact their detailer or PERS-442B (901-874-4123, DSN 882-4123) to incorporate this TEMDUINS period into PCS orders. Commands desiring to send assigned personnel to MSOC should make quota requests directly to MSOC POC listed below.
Reserve Component personnel interested in obtaining an MSOC quota must coordinate with their Supported Command's Operational Support Officer (OSO) and CNRFC N72. With 050 approval, CNRFC N72 will secure a quota with MSOC staff by providing the Fleet HQ coded billet position along with billet description, designation and rank the prospective student is currently filling. CNRFC N72 will then provide prospective students with NROWS funding from ADT-Schools fund. MSOC staff will then provide additional information and reporting instructions once orders are routed in NROWS.

Primary CNRFC N7 POC:  YN1 Nichelle C. Mehrl, Tel: (757)322-6592, Fax: (757)444-1061, Email:

Personnel assigned to Numbered Fleet/JFMCC/JFACC/HQ Units may attend via ADT schools funding as authorized by COMNAVRESFOR N7.

 Non-Navy personnel requesting MSOC quotas may be admitted on a space available basis. Quota requests should be worked through the MSOC POC listed below.
  • PHONE (401) 841-3685
  • FAX (401) 841-1446
  • EMAIL:
  • Lodging information: NS NEWPORT CBH: (401) 841-7900
MSOC CIN: H-2G-1001, MSOC CDP: 04RF.
Information / Read Ahead
Naval Operations Concept 2010 Chapters1-3 (PDF)
NDP 1 Naval Warfare (Mar 2010) Chapters2-3 (PDF)
CNO's Navigation Plan 2015-2019
NTTP 3-32.1: Sections 1.2-1.6 (pp 1-2 through 1-16)
CNO Sailing Directions

Required readings and reference publications are issued on a CD. It is suggested students bring a laptop computer to view the material.
Security Clearance
Security Clearance MSOC attendance requires a SECRET clearance for access to NWC facilities at Evans Hall. MSOC attendees must have a valid SECRET clearance to attend. Your clearance will be verified by the administrative department prior to your course start date. If there are concerns related to a clearance, please feel free to contact us. For non-Navy attendees, a security clearance verification/visit request must be submitted from the member's security officer to the Naval War College security office. For more information, please contact us at (401) 841-3685.
Attire / Uniform Policy
Service Khaki or the Navy Working Uniform is the prescribed uniform of the day; flight suits are not authorized. Seasonal dress uniforms (service dress blue/white, summer white, and winter blue) are not required however, if you anticipate attending a special event at NWC or another local command (SWOS, NAPS, etc.), it is recommended you check on the dress code as many commands prescribe dress uniforms for specific events. Dress uniforms are usually required to attend distinguished visitor (Service secretaries, etc.) lectures.
Mail and E-mail
Your mailing address at the College is: (example)
NEWPORT, RI 02841-1207

NWC Library has several public computers to access personal email. At this time, Evans Hall does not provide computer access to MSOC Students.  NMCI is not available at The War College and SIPRNET  accounts will not be established.

Schedule and Other Information
  • Course orientation and academics begin promptly at 0800. Report to Evans Hall between 0730-0800
  • Classes are scheduled for all workdays, including the days immediately ahead of and following Federal holidays.
  • No watches or other duties are assigned during the MSOC training period.
  • There are no specific provisions for spouses due to the short duration of this course, but the NWC Student Guide has helpful information for those whose spouses are also traveling to Newport.
  • Directions to NWC from TF Green Airport (Providence - PVD)
  • The Newport Shuttle(Cozy Cab Affiliate) will take you from the Providence Airport to the Base (Gate-1). Shuttles run hourly and it is recommended that you make a reservation. Shuttle Tel (800)846-1502 and (401)846-2500. Access to the base/BOQ can be arranged through any of three cab companies. Cozy Cab (401)846-2500, Rainbow Cab (401)849-1333 and Orange Cab (401)841-0030.
  • Personnel with NMCI accounts are advised that in order to remotely access NMCI, they must consult their systems administrator to obtain the necessary OWA privileges. Due to the absence of NMCI at the NWC, personnel are encouraged to ensure successful remote access prior to arriving at MSOC.
  • Returning flights : not before 1400 on last day of the course.
Please park in the large lot across the street from the Chalet and BOQ.

The Naval War College staff and student UICs are 00124 and 30486, respectively.