Classified Library Information

Students and faculty have a wide range of materials and electronic resources available in the Classified Library. Strategy and Policy lectures and lecture outlines, NWC student papers, award-winning papers, and research papers, Naval Warfare Publications, Army Field Manuals, NATOPS Manuals, JCS publications, Rand studies, and CNA studies are some of the most frequently used materials, along with electronic resources such as the HORIZON catalog of Classified Library holdings and SIPRNET terminals.

The Classified Library has thirteen SIPRNET terminals with the capability of printing in black and white or color. Materials printed from SIPRNET are controlled as Working Papers. There are two classified classrooms, which comprise the Joint Special Operations Training Facility, on the lower level of the Classified Library. To inquire about the use of these rooms, please call the Classified Library at 841-6504 or 841-6505. 

Contact information:
  • phone: 401-841-6504
  • email:

The Classified Library is staffed from 0730-1630 hours.  
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