The purpose of the Joint Force Maritime Component Commander (JFMCC) Flag Course is to prepare future Maritime Component Commanders to plan and execute complex maritime operations.



Navy Fleet

Attendees come from each of the military services, to include the US Coast Guard, as selected by their service headquarters. As the senior executive component of the Navy's Professional Military Education (PME) continuum, and part of the senior joint PME continuum, the JFMCC Flag Course addresses the practical challenges confronting the maritime operational commander. Actual regional concerns, and the JFMCC capabilities to address those concerns, are the basis for course discussions and study. Further, the course considers existing JFMCC concepts and doctrine, operational-level capabilities, command and control processes and applications, and the considerations and expectations of joint force commanders as well as supporting functional component commanders.

The course also brings in experienced subject matter experts as session instructors to develop perspectives necessary to effectively employ naval forces in a joint, coalition, or interagency environment.


Course Objectives:

1.      Prepare flag officers to serve effectively as joint maritime component commanders;

2.      Provide flag officers with necessary perspectives to gain a high degree of confidence with concepts, systems, language, and processes required to effectively employ naval forces in a joint, interagency, and multinational environment;
3.      Address the practical challenges confronting the commander at the operational level of war in the maritime domain;
4.      Improve the ability of graduates to articulate the role of the joint maritime component in the design of a campaign plan to achieve the effects desired by the Joint Forces Commander.

For further information about this course, please send e-mail to flagcourse@usnwc.edu.

Dates for upcoming courses are provided below. For further information about these courses, please send e-mail to the JFMCC Flag Course Coordinator. US Navy flag officers who are interested in assignment to a JFMCC Course should contact the USN Flag Matters staff at (703) 604-5750.

JFMCC Course 15-3: July 26-31, 2015 in Newport, RI. 

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