Richard J. Norton, PhD

Richard J. Norton, PhD

NSA Professor
National Security Affairs
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RICHARD J. NORTON is a Professor of National Security Affairs at the Naval War College.
He holds a doctorate in International Relations from theFletcher School of
Law & Diplomacy; and retired from the United States Navy in 1996, with the rank of Commander.
While on active duty, he served extensively at sea on cruisers and destroyers. He also served on Capitol Hill as a Senate Liaison Officer with the Navy’s Office of Legislative Affairs and with several political-military assignments on senior staffs. His military professional experience is focused in surface naval operations and national security policy. He has published  extensively on  failed states, humanitarian early warning, African regional military affairs and related peacekeeping, humanitarian and refugee operations as well as numerous case studies concerning emerging security  and leadership issues. Three national security volumes he has edited have been published by the Naval War College Press. Professor Norton has been also appeared as a guest on several programs on U.S. and Canadian public radio.  He also teaches courses on military history. His most recent areas of research include the topic of feral cities - selected by the New York Times as one of  the "ideas of 2004," policy dilemmas associated with the U.S. ,-Venezuelan relationship, maritime piracy and assisting the Ethiopian National Defense Forces in developing curriculum for the Ethiopian Defense Command and Staff College. His most recent publications include: “Through a Mirror Darkly: The Use of Alternate History for Decision-Makers,” (Naval War Colleg) and “Feral Cities 2009” United States Marine Corps Journal.

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