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Mary Raum, PhD

Mary Raum, PhD

National Security Affairs
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Dr. Raum is a professional educator and scholar with additional significant experience in the fields of public policy, management consulting and executive administration. She is currently assigned as Professor, National Security Affairs with the United States Naval War College and she is Chair for the Women, Peace, and Security Conference Series.

From 2007-2009 she served as Course Director for the Decision Making and Implementation curricula of the National Security Decision Making Department. While with the War College, she has written a variety of course units in the fields of decision making, leadership theory and critical thinking as well as biographical case studies. Her primary teaching responsibilities are in the leadership sub-course of National Security Affairs Department.

Dr. Raum created the first gender specific curriculum in War College history entitled The History of Women in War and Combat. In this course, students read about, analyze and discuss a variety of biographies and autobiographies and articles as well as view art and watch films related to ancient and modern women and their roles in the profession of arms. The studies cover many nationalities and periods in the history of war. In addition there is a brief review of 20th and 21st century conceptualizations about issues of military gender.

She has served in government staff positions in science and technology policy with the federal science advisory, State of Washington and the University of Washington and George Washington University. Other career affiliations have included program and project management consulting, Senior Staff Administration Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Faculty and curriculum lead, the University of Maryland Science and Society Program. She has served as adjunct faculty in the fields of organizational behavior, business management, economics, human resources and leadership with Seattle Pacific University, Chapman University and Central Washington University.

Her current active and ongoing research programs are in the fields of women, peace and security and the history of female prisoners of war. Dr. Raum is also allied with the field of behavioral studies and is professionally certified as a Motus Humanus Movement Specialist. This field is a comprehensive system for assessing an individual's core motivations in decision making processes based on the disciplined analysis of nonverbal behavior.

She has received requests for interviews most recently in Newsweek, China Youth News and USA Today as well as in “Nuclear Implosions the Rise and Fall of the Washington Public Power Supply System,” and the Office of the Secretary of Defense background document-"Decision Making Perspectives and Innovation". Her most recent peer reviewed article is "I Desire Therefore I Proliferate" for the Nonproliferation Review and the internal abstract entitled "When Group Dynamics Hurt our Personal Freedoms."

Her book reviews have been published in the Journal of Minerals, Metals and Materials, The Non Proliferation Review, and the Peace Research Canadian Journal of Peace Studies. She has peer reviewed numerous books including The Double Helix, Technology and Democracy in the American Future: The Politics of Technology and the Technology of Politics and Portents for America's Third century Socio-Psychological of Information in a Democracy. Dr. Raum has authored over 250 white papers as well as state and federal background materials for public testimony.

Conferences Chaired: Women, Peace and Security Conference March 29-30 2012 “The Fabric of War and Phase 4: Women Peace and Security Components” Women Peace and Security December 12-13 2013 “Answering the How: Progress, Challenges and Issues for Sustaining the National Action Plan

Naval War College affiliated travels have included Eight Nation Jamaica Defense Force Conference, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations of the Dominican Republic and the United States Navy Southern Command, Germany and the United Kingdom.


PhD, University of Washington from both the Schools of Engineering and Public Affairs (coursework summa cum laude) “Decision Anatomies of Three Technical Policy Bodies in the State of Washington.” PhD studies George Washington University Science and Technology Policy; MAS Johns Hopkins University Administrative Science and Public Affairs, BS University of Maryland Technology and Management, Cum Laude

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