Gene Andersen

Gene Andersen

Associate Professor of Leadership Education
College of Operational and Strategic Leadership
(401) 841-2891


  • M.A. National Security and Strategic Studies (with Distinction), U.S. Naval War College, 2006, concentration in Leadership and Ethics
  • B.S. Naval Architecture, U.S. Naval Academy, 1985
Courses taught:
  • FE-595S, Stockdale Group Directed Research (with Prof John Meyer)
  • FE-722, The Heart of Leadership (with Prof Tom Culora)
  • WE-595S, Stockdale Group Directed Research (with Prof John Meyer)
  • WE-702, Leader Development
  • SE-618, Strategic Leadership
Expertise:  Retired naval aviator.  Leadership Section Head, Department of Leadership, Ethics & Law, U.S. Naval Academy, 1997-2000.  Primary Professional Military Education Program Project Leader, Center for Naval Leadership, 2003-2005. 

  • "Formal Mentoring in the U.S. Military:  Research Evidence, Lingering Questions and Recommendations."  W. Brad Johnson and Gene R. Andersen. Naval War College Review, Spring 2010, Volume 63, Number 2, pages 113-126. 
  • "How to Make Mentoring Work."  W. Brad Johnson and Gene Andersen.  U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, April 2009, Volume 135, Number 4, pages 26-32.
  • Leadership and Human Behavior.  Gene R. Andersen, W. Brad Johnson Ph.D. and Eric M. Thomas, editors.  Pearson Custom Publishing, 1999.  ISBN 0-536-02546-0.  U.S. Naval Academy & ROTC text.
  • Leadership: Theory and Application.  Gene R. Andersen, editor.  Simon & Schuster Custom Publishing, 1999.  ISBN 0-536-01938-X.  U.S. Naval Academy and ROTC text; in use through 2005.
  • "Navy Officer Development as a Function of Service Culture," 8th annual Combat Studies Institute Conference, Ft Leavenworth, KS, 23 September 2010 (invited). 
  • Series on Teaching Adults, Command Leadership School faculty development, February-May 2010.

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