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Workshop on Intelligence and Maritime Security
US Naval War College
December 2009


In an effort to comprehend and analyze challenges to intelligence cooperation in the Hemisphere, US Naval Forces South/U.S. Fourth Fleet hosted a US Naval War College workshop on intelligence and maritime security. The EMC Chair convened representatives from DOD, the interagency, industry, and international partners to discuss ways to improve information sharing in the face of legal, policy, cultural, and technical challenges.

Day 1

Official Welcome

Professor Derek Reveron, US Naval War College

NAVSOUTH/FOURTHFLEET and the Maritime Domain

Challenges of Information Sharing

Moderator: Professor Derek Reveron, US Naval War College
"Public-Private", David Harriss, General Manager, Maersk Line Limited
"The FBI: Transforming National Security, 2001 to 2009"
"International" CDR Fran Cloe, USN, OGMSA

Models of Intelligence Cooperation (MP3)

Moderator: CAPT David (Axel) Foley, Office of Naval Intelligence
"Interagency," Wesley Moy, Department of Homeland Security
Legal Barriers to Information Sharing: An Overstated Case, CAPT Dave Sanders, JAGC,
"Multinational," Dave Carrington, US Naval War College

Intelligence Support to Security Cooperation (MP3)

Moderator: Professor Larry McCabe, Naval War College
Lowell McClintock, Director Theater Security Cooperation, Naval Forces South 
"Information is Understanding,"LCDR Ruben Ramos, US Southern Command
Pedro Nunez, US Southern Command

Day 2

Maritime Security and Technology (MP3)

Moderator: Professor Mary Raum, Naval War College
"Maritime Domain Awareness," CAPT Doug Wied, PEO C4I
"Implementing MDA in SOUTHCOM," CAPT Marc Weeks, Director, Partnership For the Americas Collaboration Center, US Southern Command
"Operation Enduring Friendship," LT Henry Irizarry, US Southern Command

Foreign Liaison Officer Perspectives on Information Sharing (MP3)

Moderator: CDR (Chile) Alberto Soto, International Fellow, US Naval War College
CAPT Jose Sierra, Colombia’s Liaison to Naval Forces South Colombia Perspective (PDF)
CAPT Oswaldo Unda, Ecuador's Liaison to Naval Forces South
CDR Augusto "Tito" Ganoza, Peru's Liaison to Naval Forces South Peru Perspective (PDF)

Workshop Summary

CAPT Eric Taylor, Naval Forces South
Professor Derek Reveron