Intelligence, National Security, and War
March 25-27, 2013
The last decade has witnessed substantial changes to U.S. intelligence to include the creation of new institutions such as the National Counterterrorism Center, new organizations such as the Office of Director of National Intelligence, and new doctrine where intelligence drives military operations in combat zones such as Afghanistan. At the same U.S. intelligence has been remade, the United States has also prioritized efforts to share intelligence across state boundaries and develop the intelligence capabilities of other countries. To consider these issues, the EMC Chair at the Naval War College convened a workshop to address intelligence, national security, and war. Panels will examine successes, challenges, and failures of intelligence in five key areas—policymaking, counterinsurgency, security cooperation counterterrorism, and cyberspace operations. Additionally, keynote addresses will reflect on the many changes to intelligence and consider new directions for the intelligence community.
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Keynote Address by LTG(R) Frank Kearney 
Papers are available by clicking on the panelist's name.

Panel 1: Counterterrorism
Scott Douglas, US Naval War College
Thomas Hegghammer, Stanford University
Don Rassler, US Military Academy
Kim Symes, Harvard Fellow
Panel 2: Counterinsurgency
Colin Jackson, US Naval War College
Thomas Ahern, Center for Studies of Intelligence
David Katz, US Army War College
Brad Brown, National Defense University
Panel 3: Security Cooperation
Jon Smith, Coastal Carolina University
Mike Monnard, US Army
Chris Costa, Department of the Navy
Jon Lindsay, UC San Diego
Keynote Address by Dr. Thomas Fingar
Panel 4: Cyberspace
Panel Summary, Dick Crowell, US Naval War College
Dick Crowell, US Naval War College
Stephanie Helm, US Naval War College
James Cowie, Renesys, Inc.
Ryan Maness, University of Illinois at Chicago
Panel 5: Policymaking
Josh Rovner, US Naval War College
Austin Long, Columbia University
Brent Durbin, Smith College
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