The Web-Enabled Program is offered to eligible students located throughout the world. The program is closely aligned with the College of Naval Command and Staff curriculum and the Fleet Seminar Program. The diploma program is designed to be completed in about 18-24 months. Because of the substantial amount of time required for each course, a request for enrollment constitutes the commitment on the part of the student of a minimum of eight or more hours each week of reading and study and about 30 minutes per week of online work. Eligibility requirements are: All O-3 to O-6 Sea Service Officers, Active and Reserve, and Defense-related civilians (i.e. DoD, DoS, DHS, etc.) in the grade of GS-11 or above. Army and Air Force Officers O-4 and above are also eligible. In order to be eligible for the College’s June graduation, students must complete all requirements by 30 April in the year they wish to be listed in the graduation literature. Personnel who do not hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, are not eligible for this program.

Web-Enabled Program

Each of the core courses is available as a Web-Enabled Program.

Course Title (length) Credits (Graduate Semester Hours) Length (Weeks)* Months Offered
Strategy and War 4 17 JAN APR JUL OCT
Joint Military Operations 4 34 FEB MAY AUG NOV
Theater Security Decision Making 4 21 FEB MAY AUG NOV

Electives Credits (Graduate Semester Hours) Length (Weeks)* Months Offerings
African Culture and History (EL661) 3 12   APR    
African Governance and Economics (EL662) 3 12       OCT
Security and Transnational Threats in Africa (EL663) 3 12      JUL  
African Religion and Politics (EL671) 3 12 JAN      
Terrorism by Non-State Actors (EL669) 3 12 JAN      
Counter Terrorism (EL670) 3 12   APR    
Terrorism & State Sponsorship of Terrorism (EL668) 3 12        OCT
Terrorism: Strategic Implications of National Security (EL606) 3 12     JUL  
Homeland Security/Homeland Defense and the Department of Defense (EL703)   3 12 JAN      
Maritime Homeland Security/Homeland Defense (EL701) 3 12   APR    
Modern Japan (EL628W) 3 12        OCT
Chinese Conceptions of Security (EL602W) 3 12  JAN      
SE Asian Security (EL603W) 3 12    APR    
ISIS, AlQaeda, Boko Haram & Al Shabaab in the Greater Middle East (EL745W) 3 12        OCT
*First week in all web-enabled elective courses is an orientation to Blackboard. This is required for all students.

Electives are designed for students taking core courses in the evening Fleet Seminar Program, and are not required for JPME Phase I. For course descriptions on electives, review the Electives Overview page under Menu on right-hand side.

During this course of study, the student will submit a variety of written assignments in the form of assessments, answers to multiple choice questions, and essays. Time limits for submission of written materials are specified in individual syllabi. Neither partial submissions nor multiple submissions are acceptable. Partial submissions will not be reviewed, nor do they satisfy a completion deadline. Students who do not meet submission deadlines will be disenrolled from the program.

Written requirements are evaluated to first determine if the student has demonstrated an understanding of the basic principles and concepts the course is designed to convey. They will then be evaluated in terms of logical development and, in some cases, depth of analysis. These reviews are intended to be a continuation of the learning process for all students. Study materials for each module/block should not be returned to the College until these reviews are received.

Graduate Hour Credits

Graduate credits, indicated below, are also awarded by the Naval War College for successful completion of the core courses based on completion year:

Mar. 96 - Sept. 97 (12 Module)  
Strategy and War 3 Graduate Semester Hours
National Security Decision Making 3 Graduate Semester Hours
Joint Maritime Operations 3 Graduate Semester Hours
1984 - 1996 Courses  
Strategy and War 5 Graduate Semester Hours
National Security Decision Making 5 Graduate Semester Hours
Joint Maritime Operations 4 Graduate Semester Hours
Pre-1984 Courses  
Strategy and War 6 Graduate Semester Hours
National Security Decision Making 8 Graduate Semester Hours
Joint Maritime Operations 0 Graduate Semester Hours


The College provides all study materials for the core courses on a loan basis. The administration and handling of materials varies depending on the course.

For the Web-Enabled Program, students will receive material via U. S. Mail. The materials for each course will be distributed well in advance of course start date. These materials should be retained until the student completes the course or is disenrolled. Mailing labels and envelopes are provided for the return of submissions and study materials. Students should refrain from marking any materials that must be returned. Specific instructions on which materials must be returned are included with the shipment of material for each course.

Students will be billed for replacement of unreturned materials and no student will receive credit for a course until all materials have been returned. Many students wish to purchase their course materials directly from us; unfortunately, regulations preclude this.

System Recommendations

Your computer should have the minimum equivalent of a Pentium III processor with Windows 2000 or XP operating system. The computer should also have at least a 56K baud modem (higher or direct internet connection is recommended)

You will also need the following hardware, software, and plug-ins:

  • DVD Drive
  • Sound card with speakers or headphones
  • Internet browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later)
  • Internet service capable of running Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Office 2003 (specifically MS Word and PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Flash 5, QuickTime 6, and MS Media Players
  • Java Plug-in (for Chat feature only)

Enrollment Procedures

An initial online application (CDE - Web-Enabled Program Application) must be submitted to enroll in the Web-Enabled Program. Following acceptance into the program a student must place themselves into ONE course queue of their choosing to be considered for that course. Continuing students will have a higher priority for actually receiving a seat than first time students. The first course usually takes 5-7 months of wait list time. All applications must be filled out accurately and completely, at least eight weeks prior to the course scheduled start date, for proper consideration. 

Initial applications should go to the Web-Enabled Application.

Course selection (for people already accepted into the WEB Program should login into the NWC Student Information System (Empower) at https://cmsweb.usnwc.edu. Note: Effective 15 April 2016, a Federal Government Issued PKI token card or a Common Access Card (CAC) will be required to login to the Naval War College Student Information System.  



a. Disenrollment may be either voluntary or involuntary.

(1) Students are encouraged to disenroll voluntarily when the constraints of time and circumstance preclude course/module/block completion within the periods recommended. Requests should be in writing stating the reasons. These reasons for disenrollment are helpful in the review of administrative procedures and course content. Such disenrollments are without prejudice.

(2) Involuntary disenrollments are initiated by the Naval War College as a result of student failure to meet deadlines or academic standards. Prompt return of books and compliance with course deadlines is essential to ensure adequate availability of course materials for other students.


a. A student who voluntarily disenrolls will be given consideration for reenrollment upon receipt of a written email to request to the Web-enabled Program Manager.

b. In those cases of involuntary disenrollment, each request will be considered on its own merits. Reenrollment requests in this case must be by letter to the Director including an explanation of circumstances involved.

c. In either case, credit will normally be given for prior modules/blocks satisfactorily completed unless there has been a substantial revision in the interim, or an extensive delay since disenrollment.

If you have additional questions,

Contact Information:
EMAIL: Manager, Web-Enabled Programs or JMO Administrator or TSDM Administrator or S&W Administrator
Comm: (401) 841-4397

Enrollment and subsequent administrative forms request certain information from potential students to facilitate enrollment or other processing in connection with program administration. Students are expected to keep the College informed regarding their current address, parent command, email address and other student information.

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