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The Naval War College offers four professional military education (PME) courses delivered via the Navy Knowledge Online Portal for officers, enlisted and DoN civilians. These courses are designed to provide learners with a 24/7 worldwide PME experience at milestones in their careers. Dynamic and engaging, these courses are designed to increase professional knowledge, hone an understanding of the art of naval science and joint operations, and enable the service member to effectively engage in the joint environment. Click here to download a brochure that describes each of these courses in detail.

To find NWC's Online PME courses within Navy eLearning, simply:
- Click on the "Course Catalog" tab near the top-left side of your Navy eLearning homepage.
- Select the "U.S. Naval War College/Senior Enlisted Academy Professional Military Education" link.
- Select the Naval War College" link. Remember that a link for requesting a course completion certificate also resides on this page.
- Select the "Professional Military Education" link.
- Select the course you desire and proceed with enrollment. 

Primary PME. The Primary PME (officer and enlisted) courses are designed to provide a common educational baseline for junior officers (CWO2 to O4) and senior enlisted (E7 to E9) across the spectrum of professional military education as identified by the Officer Professional Military Education Program/Enlisted Professional Military Education Program (OPMEP/EPMEP) and fleet requirements. The courses consist of approximately 70 contact hours of education and are tailored to each community.   Where appropriate, they address community specific lessons. Note: The Primary PME (Enlisted) course is a prerequisite for attending the Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA). Contact SEA for more details.
Basic PME. The Basic PME enlisted course was developed to create a common PME experience for all petty officers at the E5 to E6 level regardless of rate or warfare community. This course was created to serve as the foundation for the Primary Enlisted course and to build upon the Introductory PME enlisted course. This course addresses learning objectives identified by the EPMEP and fleet requirements, providing approximately 40 contact hours of education.

Introductory PME. The Introductory PME enlisted course was developed to provide entry level education and to serve as a common PME baseline for all Sailors. Designed for learners E1 to E4, this course is approximately 20 contact hours in length and serves as the foundation for a Sailor’s PME experience. This course is designed to meet the learning objectives identified by the EPMEP and fleet requirements.

Reference Curriculum

Enlisted Professionalism: A collection of lessons taken from the Enlisted PME courses to provide a ready reference in such areas as: Navy traditions, professionalism, leadership, ethics and other areas all aimed to increase a Sailor's professional knowledge. Each lesson can be individually accessed with no prerequisites.

Regional Expertise and Cultural Awareness Overview: These lessons were selected from online PME courses developed by the Naval War College to give the Navy professional a resource from which he or she can gain a better understanding of the world and the people that populate it, each lesson can be individually accessed with no prerequisites. Topics addressed include: introduction to geopolitics, overviews of various geographical regions to include history, people, and U.S. security interests. Other lessons address specific topics of interest within each region.

Naval Warfare: These lessons were selected to provide learners with quick access to fundamental areas of naval warfare.    Topics include: Joint Force Maritime Component Commander, command and control, strike warfare, expeditionary warfare, domains of force employment, and naval logistics.

Technology in the Maritime Domain: This group of lessons provides the Navy professional with a familiarity of key technologies that enable our nation’s maritime forces. Topics include sensors, space force enhancement, information technologies, communications, stealth, and the evolution naval platforms.


All Online PME courses can be accessed through Navy e-Learning. Enrollment in an Online PME course is exactly the same as any other course in Navy e-Learning. Learners' progress through the courses is bookmarked, enabling them to return to the point in the course where they logged off. Navy e-Learning automatically updates a learner's electronic training jacket to document course completion.

Course Completion Certificates

NWC provides completion certificates for the four courses it offers in Navy E-Learning. NWC does not provide certificates for non-NWC JPME courses delivered through Navy eLearning.  Completion certificates (.pdf format) are locally generated and distributed by email to those who submit valid requests. Before requesting a completion certificate, be advised of the following:
- FLTMPS data is used to validate all requests for certificates. 
- Ensure your FLTMPS record shows that you have completed all blocks of a course before submitting your request.
- Certificate requests are batch-processed at the beginning and middle of every month.
- Ensure the name you provide matches your FLTMPS record exactly.
- It can take as long as ten days for courses completed ashore to show in your FLTMPS record; courses completed afloat can take longer, depending upon ship's Internet connectivity. Please allow ten days to elapse between completing your course and requesting a certificate.
- NWC course completion certificates are not required as proof, Navy E-Learning transcripts and/or ETJ entries serve as official documentation.
You may request a course completion certificate using the Certificate Request form here.
If you have not received your certificate after four weeks or if your need is urgent, please contact our Help Desk .
Online PME Challenge
The Online PME Challenge is an educational supplement developed by the Naval War College to strengthen the professional military education experience.  There is no CAC login requirement, which means that the Challenge may be accessed from anywhere on a tablet or PC with an Internet connection. 
The goal of the Challenge is to answer as many questions as possible in a round.  Learners have 20 seconds to correctly answer each question, and when three (3) questions have been missed, the learner’s round is ended and the score recorded.  After the score has been recorded, the learner is offered an opportunity to enter another round.  The Challenge can be taken singly or by working as a team.
The PME Challenge question bank contains over 4,000 questions that span the entire Online PME curriculum.  It has been carefully designed for ease of use and to be as widely accessible as possible.  All that is required to establish an account is a valid military (.mil) email address.  Register today, your Challenge awaits.