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A quartet of Naval War College (NWC) students launched the college’s first and only student-produced journal this month. The online publication will allow students an academic forum for research to help supplement their course work.
NWC administration first considered the idea back in December and the initial planning meeting was held in January 2010.
 graphic representation of luce.nt A journal of National Security Studies, a journal run by Naval War College students
The journal, Lucent, invokes the name of Admiral Stephen B. Luce, the founder and first president of NWC, while playing on the “lucent” quality that scholarship provides.
“Lucent’s role lies in opening up an avenue of accessibility to ideas that will aid in future leaders’ operational education,” said Lt. Cmdr. Jeff Sturm, a Lucent staff member and NWC student.
The other staff members are Cmdr. Mike O’Hara, U.S. Navy (USN); Lt. Cmdr. John Gaines, USN; Lt. Mike Kessler, USN; and Lt. Eric Madonia, USN. Lucent has a faculty advisory board of about a dozen NWC mixed civilian and military faculty.
Lucent lit up when Dean of Academic Affairs John Garofano and Writing Center Director Donna Connolly discussed the idea of a student-managed publication and solicited student interest. The four officers have been working tirelessly ever since.
“We wanted a more accessible avenue for students to get published, rather than the War College Review or a different, bigger journal,” Sturm said. “The site will improve dialogue between military officials, scholars and policymakers. The staff has also received extensive support from Garofano, Maritime History Department Chairman John Hattendorf and archives manager, Evelyn Cherpak.”
Plans call for one issue per trimester, or three issues a year, and Sturm said each issue will have a theme revolving around a major topic of interest from the students’ class work.
“This issue’s theme is ‘A Global System in Transition’ that we took that from the [theme of the] Current Strategy Forum,” Sturm said. “CSF 2010 is focused on partnerships and the changing global order.”
The issue features three journal articles and two book reviews, but future issues will contain about five articles and one or two book reviews. Each issue will also include a speech or literary piece from NWC’s history.
The current edition also includes a 1897 speech by then-Assistant Secretary of the Navy Theodore Roosevelt, who later became the president of the United States.
“That’s something War College-specific,” Sturm said. “There’s been 125 years of history, that’s something we can relish. It’s a rich resource we have.”
The next issue will be released prior to the November graduation date.
By Tyler Will, Naval War College Public Affairs