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From Senior Enlisted Academy
Oct. 26, 2012 

NEWPORT, R.I. -- Eighty-nine members of the Resident Course, Class 169, at the Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA) at Naval Station Newport graduated Oct. 25, in ceremonies at the Officers’ Club.
Senior Enlisted Academy logoSgt. Maj. Brian Battaglia, USMC, Senior Enlisted Adviser to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was the guest speaker.

The SEA resident course curriculum develops stronger leaders. The six-week course prepares senior enlisted leaders to better fulfill expanded leadership and management responsibilities in advanced professional military settings. Extensive reading, writing, self-study, and public speaking are part of the program. The class is divided into small study groups to allow a free exchange of ideas, share professional experiences, debate problem solving issues, and foster self-confidence and team building.

The course is academically challenging with weekly quizzes, cumulative exams, four essay-type papers,
and five oral presentations. The curriculum specifically addresses the following areas: communications
skills, leadership and organizational behavior, national and international studies.

Class 169 graduates include 80 U.S. Navy, three U.S. Marine Corps, four U.S. Air Force, one U.S. Coast Guard, and an international military member.
Congratulations to:
HMCS Tijani Abdulsalam, USN
LSCS Yolanda Adams, USN
AOCS Victor Almodovar, USN
CTTCS James Anderson, USN
HMCS Omar Azmitia, USN
ETCS Brice Baldwin, USN
GSCS Murilio Barraza, USN
ABHCS David Bonds, USN
CTTC Stephen Boss, UNS
CTTCS Michael Bousquet, USN
HMCS Veronica Brittenum, USN
HMCS Andy Burnett, USN
MACS Christopher Calhoun, USN
EODCS Isaac Callicrate, USN
ENCS Jonathan Cantero, USN
ETC April Childers, USN
CTTCS Shane Childers, USN
DCCS Craig Cole, USN
FCCS Anthony Colliver, USN
STSCS Christopher Conry, USN
ATCS Michael Craycraft, USN
1st Sgt. Avery Crespin, USMC
HTCS Daniel Curley, USN
ASCS Hugh Davis, USN
Master Sgt. Linkston Dawkins, USMC
HMCS Cory Drone, USN
ETCS Jason Dupre, USN
Master Sgt. Alvin Dyer, USAF
GMCS Zachary Eubank, USN
ITCS Carlos Faison, USN
ITCS Robert Finn, USN
CUCM Dean Fischer, USN
CTTCS Phillip Gable, USN
STSCS Erik Gemaly, USN
EOC Josephine Gillmer, USN
CTRCS Philip Gonzalez, USN
LSC Damon Hankins, USN
YNCS Edward Harris, USN
ADCS Gregson Haynes, USN
QMCS Derrick Hill, USN
AWRCS Bruce Hinschberger, USN
ETCS Thomas Hollingshead, USN
ATCS Eric Hubert, USN
MMCS Euclide Hyppolite, USN
Senior Master Sgt. Mark Jackson, USAF
AZCS Randel Jacobsen, USN
GMCS Lucas Jenkins, USN
BUCS Eric Johnson, USN
HMCS Dexter Lewis, USN
HMCS David Ludwig, USN
Master Sgt. Carlos Martineztosado, USAF
HMCS Christopher Mathena, USN
MMCS James May, USN
FTCS Nicholas Messina, USN
I TC S Christopher Monaghan, USN
ATCS Nathan Montes, USN
ATCS Brian Mueller, USN
ETCM Eric Murphy, USN
AMTC Kevin Musorofiti, USCG
AMCS Joseph Neely, USN
CTTCM Albert Ondo, USN
CTMC Jason Patterson, USN
SHCS Alex Payumo, USN
CTTCS Alex Peloquin, USN
Master Sgt. David Peniston, USAF
AWOCS Glenn Plower, USN
LSCS Diego Quintero, USN
OSC Hugh Rape, USN
YNC Edie Redding, USN
ETCS Stephen Rollins, USN
LNCS Kim Roman, USN
PSCS Anthony Sanders, USN
STGC Stephanie Sidwell, USN
FCCS Christopher Stenger, USN
ITCS Eric Stowe, USN
CTRCM Todd Strebin, USN
ATCS Brian Swanson, USN
AMCS Kenneth Taylor, USN
ABFCS Allan Thomas, USN
Master Sgt. Avis Tolliver, USMC
CTTCS Dewey Torres, USN
NDCS Scott Valentine, USN
ETCS Darin Vazquez, USN
CSCS Oscar Veneszee, USN
OSCS Marcus Washington, USN
OSTBTSM Jan Wilken, Germany
AGC Christopher Wilson, USN
ADCS Robert Yanko, USN

Posted by Cmdr. Carla M. McCarthy