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NEWPORT, R.I. - The Naval War College launched version 2.0 of both the officer and enlisted Primary Professional Military Education (PPME) courses through Navy Knowledge Online (NKO), on Oct. 01. 

Developed and managed by NWC’s College of Distance Education (CDE), the updated courses contain a greatly expanded emphasis on regional expertise and cultural awareness subject areas, as well as updated service and joint lessons to reflect recent changes that have occurred in the world and military operations.

“This reshaping of the PPME courses is consistent with the Department of Defense’s increased emphasis on regional and cultural sensitivity and awareness,” said Professor T. H. Jackson, CDE Director.

Successful completion of these broad and dynamic courses are a prerequisite for Navy officers entering the 10 month resident College of Naval Command and Staff at NWC, and for all Navy senior enlisted attending the Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA) in Newport. 

“The Naval War College and the Senior Enlisted Academy want to ensure that our officers and chiefs entering the demanding academic environments at NWC and SEA have a shared foundational level of knowledge about naval and joint operations,” said Professor Walt Wildemann, the Deputy at CDE.

Nearly 38,000 officer and enlisted students world-wide have enrolled in the NWC Online PME courses since initial deployment in May of 2006. Implementation of version 2.0 was designed to ensure that those students currently enrolled will be able to continue work uninterrupted.

“Students are encouraged to pace themselves through the course,” said Professor Dave Kelly, CDE Online PME faculty member. “The complete course is nearly 70 hours, so we have designed the courses in a way that allows students to complete a lesson, log off, and come back to it later to continue the course, as their busy schedules allow.”

The new versions are the culmination of nearly 18 months of student feedback, research, curriculum development and coordination with both military and civilian subject matter experts. The changes fulfill CDE's objective of keeping the courses timely, relevant and accurate.   

CDE currently fields three courses through NKO/ILE that provide enlisted personnel a Professional Military Education (PME) continuum at key milestones throughout their careers from E-1 through E-9. One course is designed for the chief warrant officer and junior officers (O-1 through O-3). 

From Naval War College Public Affairs Office