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NEWPORT, R.I. – Dr. Katarzyna Zysk, a Senior Fellow at the Department of International Security Policy at the Norwegian Institute for Defense Studies, is currently serving as a Visiting Research Scholar at the Naval War College. She is working at the Center for Naval Warfare Studies in the Strategic Research Department.
“This academic exchange means so much because it provides me the opportunity to collaborate on many levels with highly competent colleagues—both academics and practitioners,” Zysk said. “This visiting scholar program also gives me access to prestigious academic institutions—such as the Naval War College—and policy decision making centers that allow me to expand my professional interests and advance my perspectives through advanced research, academic projects and professional papers.”
She became interested in NWC in September 2009 when she was invited to speak on arctic security at a conference organized by the college. Zysk was always interested in coming to the United States as a visiting scholar, but initially thought it would be at a civilian university. NEWPORT, R.I. (October 29, 2010) Dr. Katarzyna Zysk’s current research interests include strategic studies, contemporary security issues, in particular the developments in the

“During that conference, I spoke with several professors and mentioned my academic research and writings about the Arctic and the Russian Navy,” Zysk said. “We thought it would be mutually profitable for me to come on board and share my expertise with the faculty and students. I was excited when I received the official invitation in February.”
During her time at NWC, which runs from April to December of this year, Zysk has delivered lectures and presentations on topics such as “The Russian Navy Today,” “Geopolitics in the Arctic Region” and “The Arctic in the International Security After 9/11.” She has also written various research articles and conference papers as well as a book chapter for a member of the faculty.
“My chapter on “Military Aspects of Russia’s Policy: Hard Power and Natural Resources” will be included in Professor James Kraska’s book “Arctic Circumpolar Security in an Age of Climate Change,” Zysk said. “The book is scheduled to be published early next year.”
Zysk is also acting as an adviser to the Chief of Naval Operations’ shipping game that is being organized and will be conducted at the NWC in December.

Proficient in Russian, English, Norwegian, Polish, and French, Zysk has published a monograph, numerous book chapters, articles in academic journals, and in the media on a variety of subjects such as transformations in the Arctic security environment, Russia's security and defense policy, security in transatlantic relations, foreign and security policies of Norway and Poland, and diplomatic history.
Zysk is a participant in the international research program Geo-politics in the High North, sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council and chaired by the Norwegian Institute for Defense Studies. The program, scheduled to run from 2008 to 2012, focuses on the United States, Russia and Europe and covers issues such as energy, law of the sea, governance, and climate change.
Within this program, Zysk is also working on a post-doctoral research project on security and military developments in the Arctic, with special focus on Russia's policies.
Zysk earned her PhD from Institute for International Relations in 2006 and a master’s degree (with distinctions) in history and international relations from Nicholas Copernicus University in Torun, Poland in 2002.
By David Reese, Naval War College Public Affairs