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LJUBLJANA, Slovenia - Dr. Milan Vego, professor in the Joint Military Operations Department at the U.S. Naval War College, recently lectured at several European Staff Colleges.
Vego’s initial teaching engagement took place at the German Staff College in Hamburg, Germany, from October 25 to 29, for a module on operational thinking. The students, 18 German staff officers in the rank of colonel and captain and two high-ranking civil service officials, were preparing for their prospective assignments as Assistant Chiefs of Staff (ACOS).
HAMBURG, Germany (October 29, 2010) Professor Milan Vego joins with participants and moderators of the Seminar on Operational Thinking at the German Staff College. (Photo provided by the German Staff College)His one-hour lecture on “Operational Thinking and Contemporary Operations” was intended to provide a framework for subsequent work on the Zoran Sea case study, which is used in NATO. Vego also spoke on “The German Mission Command and the Operational Commander’s Intent.” In addition, he took part in seminar discussions on the operational commander’s estimate of the situation and operational planning, based on NATO’s Guidelines for Operational Planning (GOP).
Vego also delivered presentations to the Slovenian Armed Forces from November 2 to 5.
He taught a series of 16 lectures on joint operational warfare at the Command and Staff School in Maribor, Slovenia. These were attended by 35 students of the Staff Course, 40 students of the High Staff Course, and 11 students of the General Staff Course plus five to six staff officers from Doctrine Command.
Vego also spoke on joint operational warfare in Ljubljana for the Ministry of Defense/General Staff. Those in attendance included senior general officers, such as the Deputy Chief of the General Staff and the Commander, Force Command, as well as Dr. Anton ┼Żabkar, professor of theory of operational art at the Faculty of Social Sciences and 56 students (11 students of the General Staff Course, 25 staff officers of Force Command, and 20 staff officers of the Slovenian Ministry of Defense and the General Staff).LJUBLJANA, Slovenia (November 5, 2010) Professor Milan Vego stands with a group of students of the General Staff Course during his visit to the Ministry of Defense and General Staff. (Photo provided by the German Staff College)
His final engagement was with the Faculty for Social Sciences in Ljubljana, where he addressed about 10 national security students and 25 students of the High Staff Course on the topic of strategy and operational art.
Vego is the author of many books on naval strategy and operational art, including the textbook Joint Operational Warfare: Theory and Practice. He has taught at the U.S. Naval War College since 1991.
By Naval War College Public Affairs