NEWPORT, R.I. - Professor Kathleen (Kate) Walsh has been appointed as a member of the "Committee on Global Science and Technology Strategies and Their Effect on US National Security," a project of the National Research Council (NRC), which is part of the National Academies.

The Committee has been tasked to "examine the science and technology (S&T) strategies relevant to U.S. national security considerations of foreign nations such as Brazil, Russia, India, China, Japan, and establish a baseline to compare and contrast U.S. S&T planning...and offer key recommendations to the U.S. government and the IC on the application of the identified strategies to the United States."

The Committee will meet several times over the next year and report its findings and recommendations to the US Government/DoD sponsor in a final, published report due summer 2010.

More information on the Committee, its task, and its membership (including a former member of Congress) is available online.

Walsh is an assistant professor of National Security Affairs in the National Security Decision Making Department at the Naval War College, where she teaches Policy Making and Process (PMP) and the Contemporary Staff Environment (CSE). Her research focuses on China and the Asia-Pacific region, particularly security and technology issues. Her current research projects include assessing national security implications of China’s commercial shipbuilding enterprise and, as a separate project, implications from China’s increasing role in UN peacekeeping operations. She is author of numerous publications, including: “The Role, Promise and Challenges of Dual-Use Technologies in National Defense,” Chapter 7 in The Modern Defense Industry: Political, Economic and Technological Issues, Richard A. Bitzinger, ed. (Praeger, 2009); “National Security Challenges and Competition: Defense and Space R&D in the Chinese Strategic Context,” Technology in Society (July 2008); Post-Conflict Borders and UN Peace Operations: Part 1: Border Security, Trade Controls, and UN Peace Operations (Henry L. Stimson Center, 2007); and Foreign High-Tech R&D in China: Risks, Rewards, and Implications for US-China Relations (Stimson Center, 2003), as well as numerous Congressional testimonies, public presentations, and high-level government briefings. Prior to joining the NWC, Walsh was a senior consultant to several Washington-area think tanks (e.g., CSIS, Monterey Institute, and Stimson Center), and a senior associate at the Stimson Center as well as at a defense consulting firm. She was appointed in 2007 a member of the National Research Council’s Committee on Assessing the Need for a National Defense Stockpile and as a Member of the Office of Director of National Intelligence’s Summer Hard Problem (SHARP) Program. She is an affiliate of the China Maritime Studies Institute (CMSI), participates in the Asia Pacific Study Group, and is a member of the US Council on Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific (CSCAP) and its Study Group on the Implications for Naval Enhancement in the Asia Pacific (2009-10).

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