NEWPORT, R.I. - Joined by family and guests on Nov. 13, the Naval War College’s (NWC) College of Naval Warfare (CNW) graduated 29 officers, students who joined the college in November of 2008 for a year-long academic program.

Phased in during the academic year’s second trimester, the senior-level students took graduate courses in NWC’s three academic departments: Joint Military Operations, Strategy and Policy, and National Security Decision-Making. Their studies were also complemented by an electives program that provided opportunities to explore subjects not included in the core curriculum or to investigate in greater detail specific elements of the core curriculum.

Professor Donald Chisholm delivers the commencement address for the November College of Naval Warfare graduation.Joint Military Operations professor Donald Chisholm was chosen by the graduating class of 26 Navy, one Army and two Marine Corps students to be their commencement speaker. He thanked the students for selecting him, and reflected on the college’s purpose, their year of study and their reintegration back into their services.

“So now you are to depart the College to return to the more familiar, and perhaps more welcome, world of military duties,” said Chisholm. “Even as you came to Newport from disparate pursuits in distant places, you go to Navy command and staff billets, the joint staff in Washington, the staffs of three geographic and two functional combatant commanders, and Iraq and Afghanistan.”

The senior-level curriculum prepares students to broaden their perspectives and prepare themselves to assume key positions of command and staff and to build an intellectual foundation for future assignments as flag and general officers. The NWC education experience helps transition officers from duties in technical and tactical operations to responsibilities that require a broad understanding of national policy and strategy, resource allocation and management, and joint, interagency, and multinational combined operations.

“You go to assume increased responsibilities in an extraordinarily difficult, complex, and turbulent environment, one that is fraught with what we now apprehend as ill-structured if not wicked problems,” said Chisholm. “In these crucibles and those that lie beyond, the enduring value of your year on Narragansett Bay will derive not only from the substance of what you learned here, but from those habits of mind which you developed and reinforced here.”

The students earned Joint Professional Military Education phase II credit, a critical milestone in an officer’s professional development, in addition to a Master of Arts degree in National Security and Strategic Studies.

NWC has been educating leaders for 125 years and graduates approximately 600 resident students annually. The College is accredited by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the New England Association of Colleges and Schools.

Twenty-nine senior-level students graduated Nov. 13 from the College of Naval Warfare.

From NWC Public Affairs
Photos by MCC(AW/AC) Robert Inverso

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