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As Suez cities burn, canal shipping sails on, for now | quotes Hayat Alvi
"The U.S. government does not have a long-term policy and strategy for U.S.-Egyptian relations," said Hayat Alvi, who specializes in the Middle East at the U.S. Naval War College. "But I don't doubt that the U.S. is pressuring Egypt into a hands-off policy on the Suez. It's too critical for commerce and military transport and mobility."
National Defense
Navy's No. 2 Civilian Chronicles Missteps in Littoral Combat Ship | quotes Barney Rubel
The school’s dean of the center for naval warfare studies, Robert C. “Barney” Rubel, says Work’s paper is not a “sales brochure” or an apologia for the LCS but rather an objective account of the decisions — both good and bad — that propelled the ship from concept to production over the past 12 years.
World Economic Forum
Scenarios for the Russian Federation | acknowledges Nikolas Gvosdev
More than 350 experts and decision-makers have been involved in this year’s scenario process, exploring global, regional and domestic developments that may fundamentally affect the Russian
economy in the coming decades. The outcomes of this process are summarized in this publication and aim to provide starting points for stakeholders to assess opportunities and challenges for policy and strategy options
WSJ: China Realtime Report
The Y-20: China Aviation Milestone Means New Power Projection | by Andrew Erickson
Escorted by a J-15 fighter and numbered “20001,” China’s domestically-produced Y-20 transport aircraft successfully completed its maiden flight on Jan. 26 at the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF)’s China Flight Test Establishment in Sha’anxi province, remaining airborne for an hour , according to state-run media reports.
The Washington Times
Combat roles have nothing to do with women’s ‘rights’ | op-ed by NWC student, Mark Kilbane
On Thursday, outgoing Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta opened up combat roles to women in the military. This foundational change came without the preparatory fire of congressional deliberation or analysis on behalf of the military.
Boston Herald
Don’t let prez throttle gas, oil revolution | by Mackubin Owens
The recent seizure of a natural gas complex at Ain Amenas in Algeria by Islamic militants associated with al-Qaeda — which left the terrorists dead along with a number of foreign hostages, including three Americans — serves as a microcosm of a larger issue: the vulnerability of the United States to events in the Middle East and Africa.
Press Democrat
How Navy brat is helping the Naval War College | mentions Capt. Mark Turner and Cmdr. Bill Ellis
Herlinda Heras was in New York City last year when she happened across a group of men in uniform touring Ground Zero and began chatting with Commander Bill Ellis. He turned out to be a Santa Rosa native working with the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.
Rice University Baker Institute
Lost in Space: The Need for a Definitive U.S. Space Policy | panel discussion feat. Johnson-Freese
Professor Joan Johnson-Freese and a panel of five other space experts discuss the present status and future of NASA and the nation’s civil space program. The panel also discusses the need for and the elements of a definitive national civil space policy.
World Politics Review
Obama Inaugural Leaves Every Option on the Table | by Nikolas Gvosdev
It was odd to listen to foreign policy pundits comment on President Barack Obama's inaugural address. Some announced that the administration had all but conceded that Iran will obtain a nuclear capability, and that Israel is being left out to dry.
The Voice of Russia
Yuri Dolgorukiy will provide Russia with effective nuclear deterrent | quotes Tom Fedyszyn
Professor Thomas Fedyszyn, the Chair of the Europe-Russia Studies Group in the US Naval War College, suggests that the development of 'Boreys' is the first crucial step in Russia's attempts to modernize and revitalize its aging military-industrial complex.
China, Russia, U.S. raise Mediterranean naval focus | quotes Nikolas Gvosdev
"The assumption that the Mediterranean would become a purely Western sphere of influence appears to have been premature," says Nikolas Gvosdev, professor of national security studies at the United States Naval War College in Rhode Island.
The Daily Beast
One-Eyed Terror Leader’s Government Connections | quotes John Schindler
“There have been persistent questions going back to the 1990s about the ultimate allegiance of many of the emirs of the Algerian jihad movement,” said John Schindler, a former National Security Agency (NSA) counterintelligence officer whose specialty is Algeria's jihadist insurgency. “Algerian defectors have named several emirs as [Algerian security] agents in the past including Belmokhtar.”
The National Interest
Algeria's Hidden Hand | by John Schindler
The Algerian regime recently celebrated fifty years of its rule after France granted the country independence, and le pouvoir shows no signs of joining the Arab Spring and allowing free and fair elections.

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