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By James E. Brooks, U.S. Naval War College Public Affairs
May 4, 2012
NEWPORT, R.I. - The U.S. Naval War College (NWC) wrapped up a two-week reserve Theater Security and Decision Making (TSDM) course attended by a joint cadre of 68 reserve officers on Friday.
Offered by the NWC operational support office, College of Distance Education (CDE) and the national security affairs (NSA) department, the 12-day executive development course was designed to educate reserve officers on theater strategic issues in partial requirement towards their joint professional military education (JPME) Phase I qualification. Reserve officers as well as active duty can complete their JPME requirements through NWC’s CDE programs.

“We offer each of the three core courses every year and they are all very popular with our reserve
officers,” said Lt. Cmdr. Dom Pastorin, the NWC operational support officer.  “The course features both lectures and seminar sessions dealing with a wide range of disciplines such as political science, leadership, psychology, management and anthropology.”
According to Army Lt. Col. Jeff Winters, an NSA instructor, the course curriculum relies on the premise that an effective commander or staff officer must use a wide range of disciplines in responding to a challenging situation. The focus is on making and implementing critical decisions within the command and staff environment.
“Through the lectures, seminars and hands-on exercises, we help the students explore tools of national power: diplomatic, information, military and economic (DIME). They also examined regional expertise and cultural awareness from a combatant commander’s perspective and discussed staff structures, processes and procedures and the skills necessary to excel in the staff environment.”
Another key area students studied was the defense resource planning and allocation process and its relationship to staff functions. In addition, they developed an understanding of the tools associated with critical thinking and deciding among complex defense issue alternatives.
“Reserve officers are provided academic materials digitally from NWC’s College of Distance Education and College of Naval Command and Staff curricula,” said David Magill, a professor and program manager for the CDROM-based program.  “Students complete a portion of the course here as a resident student and then may enroll in one of our distance education programs to complete it.”
In 2011, of the nearly 640 officers who graduated from NWC’s CDE program, 113 were reservists.

Reserve officers from any of the military services can learn more about NWC’s JPME opportunities by contacting the Operational Support Office. Information about NWC’s College of Distance Education offerings for active duty, reserve and federal agency employees can also be found online.

Edited and posted by Dan Marciniak  
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