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NEWPORT, R.I. - In concert with the Public Affairs Office, Information Resources Department and Graphics Department, the War Gaming Department unveils a new web page designed to convey a simpler, more attractive and progressive look while incorporating a dynamic, user-friendly feel.
Visitors to this new site are able to glance through 125 years of rich war gaming history, meet the War Gaming faculty, access the interactive video and multimedia page, as well as stay current on the latest News and Events hosted both on campus and abroad.
“As part of our commitment to keeping our work easily accessible, we have created a more navigable website with additional resources, collaboration tools, and a new visual design to support your work. Whether you’re conducting research in support of your studies, interested in incorporating gaming into your profession, or want to collaborate and exchange ideas, there is something for everyone,” said Professor Dave DellaVolpe, Chairman of the War Gaming Department.  The Chairman also contributes a monthly journal entry, providing insights into War Gaming’s strategic priorities, as well as current research and games being conducted for the Chief of Naval Operations and the fleet. 

War Gaming has recently used its site through a password-enabled portal to provide planning and coordination details for upcoming games, register game participants, as well as post game products.

“One of the unique features of the gaming web site is our online discussion page and faculty blog. I encourage anyone interested in gaming to become actively engaged in the online discussion forum. This venue provides Naval War College students and faculty the ability to collaborate and share ideas with academicians, operators and policy makers on various issues ranging from War Gaming History, Theory and Practice to War Gaming Analysis and Assessment,” said Professor Walter Berbrick.

The web page provides visitors the opportunity to discover the various ways war gaming contributes to the Naval War College’s dynamic mission. The multimedia wallincludes brief video clips from war gaming faculty members highlighting the important work and research being conducted. Professor Warren Wiggins answers the question: "Why does War Gaming support Homeland Security and Defense Support of Civil Authorities?" Dr. Hank Brightman answers the question: "What makes War Gaming unique in accomplishing the Naval War College's educational mission?" You can also find Mr. Pete Pellegrino’s series of gaming lectures.

As part of the Center for Naval Warfare Studies, the mission of the War Gaming Department is to conduct high quality research, analysis, gaming, and education to support the Naval War College mission, prepare future maritime leaders, and help shape key decisions on the future of the Navy.

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