NEWPORT, R.I. -- The Naval War College (NWC) Fleet Seminar Program
concluded its academic year on May 15 at 22 locations throughout the United States.

Of the 750 students who completed coursework in the program this year, 215 will receive the War College diploma and if eligible, Intermediate Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) Phase I. An additional 150 master's degree candidates will receive the Naval War College master of arts degree in national security and strategic studies.

Offered through NWC's College of Distance Education, the Fleet Seminar Program is one of several avenues for officers to complete JPME Phase I where they live and work. The course is offered in a seminar setting, consisting of no more than 22 students.

"Our goal with the Fleet Seminar Program is to bring the Naval War College curriculum to officers and federal civilian employees who are not able to attend the resident program in Newport," said Prof. Tim Garrold, Fleet Seminar Program manager. "Our students develop their ability to think critically and strategically, skills that are in high-demand from senior Navy and combatant command leadership."

For the 2008-2009 academic year, 55 seminars met one evening per week, 34 times, for three hours per night from the first week in September through the second week in May, under the direction of Naval War College adjunct faculty members. From time to time, formal presentations were delivered by resident faculty members from Newport and by visiting professors from colleges and universities around the world.

Derived from the 10-month NWC intermediate resident core curriculum, the Fleet Seminar Program students are taught three courses: Strategy and War, Joint Maritime Operations and National Security Decision Making. The seminars are conducted at the graduate level and require initiative, research, writing, and oral commentary on the part of each student.

"We challenge our Fleet Seminar Program students just as rigorously as we do our resident students at the Naval War College," said Garrold. "Our students walk away with the best quality professional military education that the military services offer."

The Naval War College is accepting applications for the 2009-2010 Fleet Seminar Program online through June 30 at the Naval War College Web site

Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard officers in the grade of O-3 and above and officers from other services in the grade of O-4 and above are eligible to participate in the Fleet Seminar Program. Federal civilian employees in the pay grade of GS-11 or equivalent or above are also eligible. Approximately 1,200 students enroll in the Fleet Seminar Program each academic year.

By Cmdr. Carla McCarthy, Naval War College Public Affairs

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