From Senior Enlisted Academy
March 17, 2014

NEWPORT, R.I. -- The Senior Enlisted Academy Blended Class 52 graduated 23 students March 14.

Set over an eight-week period, the blended course develops stronger leaders by preparing them to fulfill their expanded and ever widening roles in the areas of leadership and management responsibilities.

The level of effort for this course is approximately eight to 10 hours per week, including time spent doing the assigned readings, viewing videos, participating in discussion boards, and conducting research and writing of papers.  The course is set in a Blackboard environment for six weeks concluding with a two-week resident requirement. 

The blended course challenges and educates senior enlisted personnel in the areas of professional writing, communication skills, public speaking, leadership, organizational behavior, team building, physical conditioning, and brilliant on the basics. In addition, the students attend lectures discussing topics at the fleet, national security, Regional Studies, and strategic critical thinking levels. 


The design of the class includes facilitated seminars as well as lectures, allowing for a free exchange of ideas, sharing of experiences, reasoning in problem solving and fostering self-confidence and team building. 

Congratulations to the following service members, representing the U.S. Navy.


The graduates are:

ITC Ralph Anderson, USNR

AWFC Jack Chester, USNR

MACS Eugene Colwell, USNR

NCCS Patrick Drabick

NDCS Joshua Dumke

ITCS Marisol Dumlao

YNCS Roy Freeman

HMCS Michael Gutierrez

HMCS Jessica Hauptmann, USNR

ATCS Dale Hicks

LSC Timothy Hughes, USNR

MAC Travers Hunter, USNR

AMCS Jeffrey Lapinski

BMCS Aubrey Lavitoria, USNR

EACS Michael McCarty, USNR

NCCS Daniel McKenna

MACS Michael Pace

CSCS Tracy Perry

ITCS Rebecca Powell, USNR

ITCS Jacqueline Riner, USNR

ITCS Earl Shultz, USNR

AEC Forrest Stroman

BMC Mario Velasquez, USNR

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