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Mar. 5, 2013

NEWPORT, R.I. -- The Naval War College Press is proud to present the Spring 2013 issue of the Naval War College Review.  It is currently available online, with the print version expected to be available at the end of March.
In this issue:
President's Forum - RADM John N. Christenson, USN 
Book Reviews - Spring 2013 

 This issue and past issues are available at

Open water in the Arctic ice cap, in a U.S. Coast Guard image posted on the website of the U.S. Geological Survey. This 2009 image, which the photographer titles Reflections, was taken in August, but open water is appearing in ever-greater expanses of the region and for ever-larger proportions of the year—a fact that has drawn the attention of nations far from the pole. In this issue, Shiloh Rainwater explores the Arctic interests of one important non-Arctic nation, the People’s Republic of China.
U.S. Coast Guard photograph, by Patrick Kelley.

Posted by Lt. Cmdr. Anthony Ohl
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