NEWPORT, R.I. - U.S. Naval War College (NWC) Professors Kevin Kelley and Ron Ratcliff of the National Security Affairs Department presented two workshops at the 24th annual Nobel Peace Prize Forum in Minneapolis on March 1.
This Forum is the only one sanctioned by the Nobel Institute that occurs outside Norway. Approximately 300 people attended the Forum, with another 5,000 expected to attend virtually.
NWC alumnus, Timothy Moore, currently serves as the Counselor for Public Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Oslo, Norway. While visiting Norway, the Executive Director of the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, Dr. Maureen Reed, interacted with Mr. Moore. Tim shared some of his NWC educational experiences with Dr. Reed, including a case study that examined the interaction between Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk as they worked together to abolish apartheid and achieve peace in South Africa.
Since F.W. de Klerk was this year’s keynote speaker at the Forum, Dr. Reed asked how she might arrange to learn more about the case study. Tim put her in touch with one of his NWC instructors, Professor Kelley. Subsequent discussions led to Dr. Reed inviting Professors Kelley and Ratcliff to deliver two workshops at the Forum focused on the case study.
The theme of this year’s Forum was “The Price of Peace.” To a standing room-only crowd, the NWC team first provided an overview of NWC’s educational mission and discussed how leadership case studies are used in preparing officers for future senior leadership positions. They then examined how Mandela and de Klerk had been prepared to lead their extraordinary peace process, the challenges they faced, and the price each paid for their leadership efforts.
Attendees actively engaged in a discussion of the lessons these leaders offer to military, business, political, and academic leaders, with discussions continuing well after the allotted time for questions. 
Feedback from participants indicated they valued both the NWC presentations and the interactive nature of the workshops, as well as learning more about the college and its mission.
From National Security Affairs Department
Posted by Brie Lyons
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