The U.S. Naval War College (NWC) held a commencement ceremony for 42 College of Naval Warfare students, on March 11.  Phased into the academic cycle one year ago, the senior students wrapped up a 10-month long curriculum, awarding them Joint Professional Military Education Phase I and II credit and a Master of Arts degree in National Security and Strategic Studies.


Dr. John Maurer, chair of NWC’s Strategy and Policy Department, was selected by the students to be the guest speaker and reflected on the quality of the students and the value of their NWC education and experience.


Your past success marked you for future positions of leadership,” said Maurer. “That promise for the future is what brought you to the Naval War College. At the end of last winter, then, you started your studies at what is the premier graduate-level institution of professional military education anywhere in the world. ”

Praising the students for their academic achievement, Maurer also described how the students were challenged by NWC’s faculty.


"The painful task of systematically analyzing, of considering the opposing points of view of others, of testing one’s assumptions, of rethinking long held positions, of then writing in a mature persuasive way was part of your educational experience at the college," said Maurer.  “Our goal was not to make it easy for you because the real world of producing cutting-edge assessments to evaluate alternative courses of action and coming to a decision is not easy.”


The graduating students included two civilians, eight Marines, and 32 naval officers.


NWC is accredited by the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff for joint professional military education credit and by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges to award a master’s degree.  NWC’s missions today are developing strategic and operational leaders, helping the Chief of Naval Operations define the future Navy, strengthening maritime security cooperation and supporting combat readiness.

From Naval War College Public Affairs

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