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June 7, 2012

Dean Robert Rubel, Center for Naval Warfare Studies, and Professor Andrew Erickson,  China Maritime Studies Institute, will participate in a month-long virtual conference held by the blog, Information Dissemination, to celebrate five year summary of recent faculty achievements and activities.  The event  is sponsored by the United States Naval Institute.  Each of the 16 leading voices involved in the conference will have an article published on their day and will provide stimulating discussion on the issues and topics discussed in Information Dissemination during the past five years.  Rubel is scheduled for June 12, and Erickson is scheduled for June 14. Additional details are available at

Professor Jon Covell, College of Operational & Strategic Leadership,  spoke at the Advanced Mission Commanders Course (AMCC) graduation ceremony held at Naval Base Ventura County on June 1.  Graduates of AMCC are designated Hawkeye Weapons and Tactics Instructors (WTIs), Instructor Carrier Aircraft Plane Commanders (ICAPCs), or Instructor Combat Information Center Officers (ICICOs) in the Navy’s carrier-based E-2C “Hawkeye.”

Professor Martin L. Cook, Stockdale Chair of Professional Military Ethics, will participate in a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute for College Teachers at the University of Arizona, July 1-30.  The topic of the Seminar is "Experimental Philosophy," a fairly recent development exploring the linkages between empirical research and philosophical questions.
Professor Martin L. Cook, Stockdale Chair of Professional Military Ethics, and Professor Peter Dombrowski, Chair of the Strategic Research Department, will participate in an invited Study Tour of Israel, June 23-31.  The trip is organized and sponsored by the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Boston, and will include an additional 9 academics for area universities, representing a wide range of disciplines.  A highlight of the trip as scheduled is a meeting with Israeli President Perez, and a private tour of Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem.


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