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NEWPORT, R.I. - U.S. Navy senior enlisted personnel gathered at Naval Station Newport on June 21 to cultivate their leadership skills with an advanced class aimed at six components of management.
Designed to foster professional growth and relations among sailors and chiefs, the “Brilliant on the Basics” class was administered to about 30 Sailors, from first class petty officers through master chief petty officers.
BU1 Thomas Clifton, of the Naval War College’s Facilities Department, said the class offers benefits for the entire Navy. “It’d make better Sailors in general,” Clifton said of the course. “If the Chiefs and Officers use the techniques that we learned today, they could train the new Sailors.”
NEWPORT, R.I. (June 22, 2010) Master Chief Petty Officer Ray Mitchell details fleet resources for a group of senior enlisted personnel, June 21. The class called "Brilliant on the Basics" is designed to help sailors grow professionally. (Photo by Tyler Will)The class focuses on SAILOR—an acronym for Sponsorship, Assigning a mentor, Indoctrination, Leadership, Ombudsman program and Recognition—six areas that enlisted personnel at the highest levels in the Navy have identified as important to career success.
“It’s back to the basics of shipmates taking care of shipmates,” said Senior Chief Petty Officer Ronald Glass, the Command Senior Chief at the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, R.I. “It is our responsibility as leaders to educate sailors so that they can make the right decisions regarding their career. By incorporating them in these six tenants, we not only fine tune our leadership skills but we ensure success of the command and the Navy.”
Among dozens of topics in the course were the various cultures of the Navy, including camaraderie, fitness, and the importance of leadership. Command Master Chief Ray Mitchell, of the Command Leadership School, taught the class that included stories from his own career and encouraged discussion of material in a seminar-style environment.
When discussing mentorship in the Navy, Mitchell said a mentor’s availability is important to the senior enlisted personnel’s role as a leader. “You may not talk to them 100 percent of the time, but they’re there when you need them,” Mitchell said.
Clifton said the class helped make him aware of the importance of mentorship and what he can do for subordinate Sailors to help them grow professionally.
“It’s always good to have someone there if you’re new, it’s impossible to know everything,” BU1 Clifton said. “Mentorship is probably one of the biggest aspects of it. We’re training the junior sailors to, I guess you could say, grow up the right way.”
Clifton said the class detailed many resources the Navy has for sailors, which will assist him and other senior enlisted personnel to develop younger sailors personally and professionally.
By Tyler Will, Naval War College Public Affairs