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From left: Uruguayan Cmdr. Jose Ruiz, Naval War College professor Shawn Burns, Uruguayan Cmdr. Fernando Tome, and Uruguayan Capt. and game director Daniel Arancio analyze responses from student players in a multi-national maritime piracy exercise. The responses were submitted by players from participating countries' respective home stations.


From Naval War College Public Affairs

The Naval War College (NWC) is working with sister Western Hemisphere naval war colleges in the 35th annual Inter-American War Game 2009 (IAWG), that started June 1 and continues through June 12. 

“Our War Gaming and International Law (ILD) Departments are working together in this war game with the war colleges of a dozen other Latin American countries and Canada,” said NWC professor Shawn Burns, from NWC’s War Gaming Department.   This year’s game focus is on counter-piracy operations and associated rules of engagement (ROE).”

Hosted by the Uruguay Naval War College (Escuela de Guerra Naval) in Montevideo, Uruguay, the 2009 game is being led by Game Director Capt. Daniel Arancio, who served as Uruguayan liaison officer to U.S. Atlantic Fleet from 1997 to 1999.     

The IAWG is a one-sided, multi-move game, with game move responses submitted by Internet from each of the country’s respective home stations. 


“This game will contribute to our Joint Military Operations body of knowledge, by documenting challenges of building a multi-national C2 (command and control) structure, and the ROE challenges when conducting counter-piracy operations,” said Burns.  “While multi-national counter-piracy operations are not novel, they are here in the Western Hemisphere.  Working through the C2 and ROE bugs now will help us later, if called to a piracy threat here in the Western Hemisphere.”

NWC’s Newport-based game participants include U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. Johnny Hayes and Marine Corps Lt. Col. Ahmad Bandani from War Gaming Department and U.S. Coast Guard Cdr. Sandra Selman, from the International Law Department.  Additionally, Burns is serving in Montevideo, Uruguay with a three-nation Game Control Group, with representatives from the U.S., Uruguay, and Mexico, at the Uruguay Naval War College’s War Gaming Department. 

The IAWG Control Group representatives from the Mexico Naval War College included Capt. Jorge Tobilla Rodríguez, and Lt. Cmdr. Maximino Galindo Marin, both of whom visited NWC last year for a week-long seminar between the countries’ respective war gaming departments.

In addition to enhancing the rapport among our war colleges, this event builds upon other recent (NWC) Center for Naval Warfare Studies events, such as a U.S. Pacific Fleet-sponsored command and control war game and ILD´s counter-piracy conference,” said Burns.  “This game´s summary report will give us some good lessons learned for those who may be called to plan or execute such an operation, especially one a bit closer to home.”