From the EMC Chair
July 18, 2013

GUAYAQUIL, Ecuador – U.S. Naval War College (NWC) professor Derek Reveron, National Security Affairs department, recently spent the week in Ecuador teaching at the Academia de Guerra Naval in Guayaquil (AGUENA). Drawing from a wealth of experience and a curriculum that emphasizes strategy development, Reveron was a key player at the national security workshop focused on translating national interests and strategic objectives into maritime concepts and capabilities.

Taking place during the Academy’s 50th anniversary year, the college director, Capt. Rafael Poveda noted the “workshop will help to develop security strategies to support the strategic planning efforts to strengthen the navy of Ecuador.” He sees the relationship between NWC and Ecuador’s AGUENA as “an investment and fantastic opportunity to share experiences.”
Over the course of the week, students from Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, and Venezuela applied the principles of strategy development to consider the future size and shape of their navies. Two groups focused on translating Ecuador’s national plan to operational naval concepts, while the third multinational group adopted a regional approach to harmonize actions across South America.

After presenting his group’s findings, a participant concluded, “the event not only enriched our knowledge, but gave us the opportunity to create new initiatives to lead change in Ecuador’s Navy.”

During the visit, Reveron also had the opportunity to meet with alumni of NWC’s international programs. Among these were Rear Adm. Freddy García, retired Rear Adm. Aland Molestina (former general commandant of Ecuadorian navy and now an instructor in AGUENA), Capt. Darwin Jarrín, Lt. Cmdr. Danilo Bolaños and Lt. Cmdr. Francisco “Moncho” Garay.  Garay was glad to host Reveron and looks forward to continued collaboration between the two colleges.

“Cooperation between colleges should be increased,” said Garay. “That will strengthen the ties between our navies and will help us to understand each other.”

NWC has a long history of collaborating with other professional military education institutions around the world. These efforts range from supporting curriculum development and conducting war games to leading workshops like these.
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